Today’s Run: All Pain, No High, But Broke Some Boundaries

Posted: July 25, 2008 in breaking plateaus, cardio, cardiovascular training, challenge, Exercise, fitness, fitness journal, fitness tools, health, results, run, run it, runner, running
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Well it was bound to happen.  Today was the day when my run was all pain and no runner’s high.

It started out fine- despite having to run back in the house to get a towel so I wouldn’t repeat my mistake from earlier this week.  However, something felt wrong when about 20 minutes in I still felt the same as I felt when I first started running.  But sadly, that is how the whole run felt from start to finish.

Regardless of the pain, which I managed to push through, I did break some personal records. First, I broke the 4 mile barrier and ran over 4.1 miles.  Second, I set a pace of 11:03 minutes per mile- despite a hillier route- that beat my previous best this week of 11:39/mile.  Looking at it another way I improved my pace from 5.15 miles per hour on Wednesday to 5.43 miles per hour today.

All in all, the run felt like hell, but I feel great now.  And that is what matters.  As they say, pain is just temporary- well unless you suffer from chronic pain.

  1. Sagan says:

    Thats great that you broke those records! But sorry to hear about the pain:(

  2. John says:

    My Personal Trainer said, “Pain is weakness leaving the body”.

    That said, where do you find the running tracker in the screenshot?

  3. “That said, where do you find the running tracker in the screenshot?”

    At Does that answer your question?

  4. Tiffany says:

    Congrats! Beating records is always great …but usually afterward =\ I hate running in the summer…thank goodness for the treadmill!

  5. Mark Salinas says:

    I have also worked through pain and regretted it. Some fitness individuals that I highly respect have always preached to me…”listen to your body” and after many injuries later, I am listening. Sure I have a high discomfort level but when I feel pain I modify. Modify short term and continue the journey long term. Nice post!

  6. “Sure I have a high discomfort level but when I feel pain I modify. ”

    I should have been more specific. This was the kind of boy my lungs hurt and my legs feel like a dozen cinder blocks kind of pain. It wasn’t anything that would indicate an injury of any kind. Thanks for stopping by Mark.

    I should reemphasize Mark’s point, it isn’t virtue to run through pain if that pain might indicate an injury of some kind.

  7. cammy says:

    Yup. There are those days when the reward only comes in the aren’t-I-magnificent-for-continuing-on afterglow. Well-earned!

  8. Marcy says:

    CONGRATS on the run!! Both in mileage and time! Very nice!

  9. Pain sucks. And I hate runs like that, where it just never gets easier. That’s why it’s even more awesome on how well you did!!!

  10. Stiletto says:

    I have some hot sauce here that will you give a high lol

    I’ve been eating it every week!

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