Well I will get to the stupidity last, first let us dispense with the information and maps.

It wasn’t a very promising morning.  For the first two to three hours of the day I was wedded to my toilet- if you know what I mean.  But after some Imodium and a serving of Pepto-Bismol I finally got my inner-rumbling in order and was able to walk around the house.  Unfortunately, my prime window for running between 8 and 9:30 a.m. had passed. It was already 10 a.m. before I even got my stuff together and stepped out of the house.  Thanks to the late start is was already 90 (according to weather.com “feels like 95”) degrees. It was a good thing that I left my shirt behind.  It was a good chance to work on my tan.

Keep the above information in mind, because it plays a large role in the events that would define my stupidity. 

But before the funny story, here are the stats from my run.

I am quite unhappy with the distance of 2.55 miles since I had planned (and could have run) over 4 miles today.  The 345 calories burned is fine, but is far below the 500 or so I hope to burn on this morning’s run. The nice thing is seeing my BMI down to around 26.  It had been as high as 29.

So now you are probably wondering about my incredibly stupid moment during this whole run.  Well it was the decision to walk out of the house in 95 degree weather with no shirt on.  No, I didn’t get sunburned.  Nope, instead, about halfway through my run, I started sweating.  As I began to wipe the sweat from my brow I noticed that my eyes were burning.  I also noticed that every inch of me was covered in sweat.  For the last mile of my run my eyes burned intensely as I desperately tried to use sweaty hands and forearms to stop the sweat from pouring down into my eyes.  The burn was so bad that I started closing my eyes, alternating between left and right, to at least escape the burn in one eye for a few seconds at a time.

Will I go running shirtless again?  Yes.  Will I remember to bring a towel with me to hang over my shoulder or pitch down the side of my shorts?  Yes!  Gosh, that was one of the stupidest reasons I have ever had for stopping a run early.

  1. theepiphany says:

    Oh, have I had those “stupid” moments on a run…I could go on and on. Funny how the summer heat usually plays an integal part…Just the other day I went on a 10 mile run (training for a 1/2 marathon in August) after a dinner the previous evening made up of fried onions, beef skewer, soda, and twizzlers…I was feeling every bad bite of that meal during those last two miles. UGH!

  2. dadivastreet says:

    Glad the tummy trouble cleared up & you were able to get some of your run in. While I’m sure you’ll remember your towel for next run (LOL) , DON’t forget your sunblock, just as important! I find the spray on is easier for getting on my back by my self! Have a great week & run! (No pun intended! 😆 )

  3. Runner Girl says:

    That’s not too bad. I’ve had tummy trouble about 3 mi INTO a run, 3 mi away from my car or a bathroom. Good job on the bmi!

  4. “I’ve had tummy trouble about 3 mi INTO a run, 3 mi away from my car or a bathroom.”

    Did you…umm…find some…resolution? Or did you find the inner strength to run another 3 miles? Without getting too graphic of course.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Blech, one time I didn’t put my hair up and it is pretty long…I was honestly dripping in the house ( so gross I know ).

    Aww and I hate tummy trouble…but my tummy seems to love to cause it. I have the opposite effect though…I seem to never even hang out with my toilet!

    You might not have made your goal but at least you still got out there and tried to run…I know if my tummy was giving me problems…no way would I be outside!

  6. “You might not have made your goal but at least you still got out there and tried to run…I know if my tummy was giving me problems…no way would I be outside!”

    I am thankful for Imodium. Of course I say that now. When I am constipated tonight and tomorrow I will be cursing the stuff. HA!

  7. Sara says:

    Too funny! I love how you had to run with one eye closed! You’re lucky you didn’t fall!!

    btw thanks for the comment – I usually record my food online too but since I’m an old hand at Weight Watchers I also do a lot of “in my head” tracking!!

    Oh and orzo is a rice shaped pasta – so so delicious!

  8. I know the feeling of the burning sweat in the eyes. I’ve made the same mistake, except when playing tennis. Every other ball went right by me because I couldn’t see. I always wear a hat or headband now when i play so that I can see!

  9. “I always wear a hat or headband now when i play so that I can see!”

    That is a much better idea than carrying a towel. Well, wait, there is always forehead sweat.

  10. lifelemons says:

    ROFL! That really sucks!

  11. “ROFL! That really sucks!”

    At one point I was running with both eyes shut. But since I had my Ipod on I figured that wasn’t a good idea lest a car come down the road.

  12. Sagan says:

    Being female I’ve never had that particular problem when exercising… but I’m sure I could dig around and find a whole slew of stupid things that I’ve managed to do:)

    Congrats on the BMI going down!

  13. Hilary says:

    Good thing your tummy troubles cleared up.. much better your legs and sweat do the running..

  14. I have definitely had the stupid runs. Mine have included getting sunscreen in my eyes, running right after losing a toenail, waiting until about 20 minutes before a major rain storm to go for a run so I am halfway out when it strikes, and getting lost in my own neighborhood. I think it kind of adds to the novelty of running.


  15. Ashley says:

    Its ok… don’t call it stupid more like detoured/replanned run 🙂

    I prolly won’t be able to get on tomorrow for FAT Tuesday… 😦 I’ll be superduper busy and doubt I’ll be able to get online before the day is out…

  16. Angel says:

    runnin in the heat is rough! 🙂

  17. J May says:

    Haha, that’s lame, bro. Funny nonetheless!

    Hi, I’m Justin. I saw you on Judifree’s blog.

  18. Bwan Muffin says:

    this is really really funny. Like, I can’t stop laughing funny.HAHAHAHA!!!! Oh man. I am picturing you running down the street with your eyes closed. LMAO!!!!

    too funny!

  19. Bwan Muffin says:

    But really, I was going to say running after some die of the rear wasn’t the smartest thing ever. Seriously, did that not turn out bad?! Wait. Don’t answer that.

    See ya tomorrow!

  20. brainteaser says:


    Hehehehe! Oh, I can’t stop laughing! Hahahahahhahaha!

    It has happened to me before. No, I’m not talking about running shirtless 😯 , I’m talking about not bringing towel. Hehehe 😉

  21. darla says:

    I have to agree with bwan…didn’t you sweat more after the imodium? Dude, we seriously have to pray for you and those runs… 😯 not intended to be a puny

  22. johnisfit says:

    I’m certainly not running without a shirt on, but I did have a similar problem last week when I ran when it was in the 90s. I had forgotten how much the salt in the sweat can burn your eyes!

  23. I am glad to see that I brought some laughter to your lives. Although the thought of you laughing it up while I quietly slumbering is slightly disconcerting. HA!

  24. Heather says:


    Thanks for stopping by my blog:) Thought I would return the favor. Glad I did……or else I would’ve missed out on this great story!!! I guess I never thought about the fact that if you run shirtless you won’t have anything to wipe off the sweat. NOT that I intend to ever run around topless. Ahem. BUT…it’s still good to know:)

    Have a blessed, unsweaty, day!!

  25. Sara Jane says:

    I’m still not a big running fan yet and the heat is NOT helping.

    I always try to keep at least an arm band or somthing. Eek. Sounds like it was pretty rough.

  26. […] started out fine- despite having to run back in the house to get a towel so I wouldn’t repeat my mistake from earlier this week.  However, something felt wrong when about 20 minutes in I still felt the same as I felt when I […]

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