The Greatest (and Longest) Acronym Ever…

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Funny, Funny Acronym Tuesday, humor, laugh
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This should inspire you for next week’s Funny Acronym Tuesday challenge.

H.E.L.P.I.N.G. C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N. T.H.R.O.U.G.H. R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H. A.N.D. D.E.V.E.L.O.P.M.E.N.T

Hi Everyone. Let’s Pitch in ‘N’ Get Cracking Here in Louisiana Doing Right, Eh?  Now Then, Hateful, Rich, Overbearing, Ugly Guys Hurt Royally Everytime Someone Eats a Radish, Carrot, Hors d’ourve and Never Does Dishes.  Eventually, Victor Eats Lunch Over Peoria Mit Ein Neusberger Tor.

Thanks MST3k for another example of brilliance in comedy and thought.  (transcript found here at MSTies)

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow…. I don’t think I could EVER do that LOL

  2. […] for this week’s funny acronym Tuesday challenge, just click on this recent post to see the longest (and funniest) acronym ever.  Don’t forget that the reward for this week’s funny acronym challenge is a full post […]

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