I began today’s run with one simple goal.  Run until I couldn’t run another step.  How did I do?

Well this chart tells only a small part of the story.  I began my run feeling a bit rough.  My chest felt a bit rough, like my trachea was raw.  But since I didn’t have a sore throat I figured I would just go ahead and run.  Before I ran out the door I uploaded to my Ipod a 35 minute segment from the Dennis Prager radio show and hit the road.

The first five minutes of my run felt horrible.  The only analogy I can give you is that it felt like my legs were the size of broomsticks and I was trying to balance a bag of cement blocks on top of them.  That is the only way I can convey to you how it felt every time my weight would come crashing down on my lead foot. 

However, after 5 minutes I felt better.  At the 15 minute mark (or what felt like 15 minutes since I don’t check my watch during long runs) I hit auto-pilot and was cruising down the road with my head in the clouds.  I was so lost that I was taken by surprised when the 35 minute show on my Ipod ended.  I thought, “Hey, I’ve just run for 35 minutes!?”

I clicked over to the song play-list and continued on.  I completed two full laps around my subdivision.  When I finally stopped, I had been running for so long that walking felt weird for a minute or two.  It felt like my legs wanted to keep running.  I immediately regretted stopping my run at the 41 minute mark, I think I could have made it a whole hour.

When I got home- after my carb snack and a lot of water- I pulled up the MapMyRun website.  I was surprised to see the results.  This first image is a hybrid street map/satellite image map of my running route with a chart of the various elevation points along my run.  The second image is my

An awesome mapping site.  I even get to see the elevations of the various points in my run.

An awesome mapping site. I even get to see the elevations of the various points in my run.

This second image shows the statistics from my run (pace), distance, calories burned, etc.

Heck, I even took my shirt off halfway through my run and enjoyed the sun- with little embarassment about my somewhat jiggly midriff.  Today was a great day for a run!

  1. JudiFree.com says:


  2. What, no comments on my awesome hybrid road map? HA!

    Yeah, I enjoy Dennis Prager. He is level-headed, almost always well-informed, and he is prone to defend those he disagrees with when they are in the right. I listen to him on my 4 hour round trip commute to and from Greensboro, NC 3 days a week.

  3. BTW, I meant to ask, what do you like about Prager?

  4. healthyhollywood says:

    Congrats on your breakthrough!! 😉 And yes, the hybrid road map is awesome!! 😉 This post is so inspiring. I love how you thoroughly enjoyed the run!

  5. Jenn says:

    I just saw your tips on Sarah’s blog – very helpful, thank you! I actually just bought some of the rice pudding cups, so I will give that one a try first!

  6. Sounds like a great run! I love when I lose track of time and forget that I’m even running.

    Wish it happened more often!

  7. Lauren says:

    The Muddy Buddy is a running/biking team race with a giant mudpit at the end. Check out their website http://www.muddybuddy.com

  8. Interesting. I wonder if they are held all over the U.S. or just in one place. I will have to go see. Thanks Lauren.

  9. lifelemons says:

    Congrats on the run! It sounds like you had a good one!

  10. Ashley says:

    That’s cool! Congratulations… I have no motivation to run at all… I used to run when I played softball and volleyball but I was in such better shape back then… I want to run but I know my body can’t take it… Running seems like it’d be a stress reliever… the idea of running is anyway Lol… I just haven’t gotten my foot outta the door ever Lol

  11. “I want to run but I know my body can’t take it”

    Just start small with 2-3 20-30 minute walks a week. Then build up form there to walking for 2 minutes, then jogging for 30 seconds. Slowly decrease the time you spend walking and slowly increase the time you spend jogging.

    “… Running seems like it’d be a stress reliever”

    No doubt about it, it sure is.

  12. 1godsgal says:

    R U N…Ruthless Unnerving Notion…

    Oops!!!! Wrong day….. 🙄

  13. Ha ha. Someone has a sense of humor. BTW, tomorrow I am going to post the longest acronym ever. Wait until you see it.

  14. Teresa says:

    Nothing would suck the life out of a run for me quite like listening to Dennis Prager…but that could just be me.

    Seriously, glad the run ended well.

  15. “Nothing would suck the life out of a run for me quite like listening to Dennis Prager…but that could just be me.”

    You don’t like Dennis Prager? Why am I not surprised. Ha!

  16. AndrewE says:

    Sounds like a great run. I love the maps. I use sporttracks to generate my maps based on my gps data from my Garmin.

  17. Way to push it! Keep up the good work…

    P.S. MapMyRun is pretty sweet!

  18. Lisa Newton says:

    Pushing yourself to the max really works. Have you tried http://www.logyourrun.com/. It’s pretty good.

  19. Thanks for the suggestion Lisa, I’ll check it out.

  20. Lance says:

    Way to go! That’s an awesome job getting out there and doing it. I remember when I started running a few years ago, it seemed so hard to go even a mile. I eventually got up to about four miles on a regular basis. Now I’ve been biking more, but still running occasionally It’s all about being active and keeping moving.

  21. RooBabs says:

    Hey John, congrats on the run. I’ve found that it usually takes me a bout 10 minutes before I find my groove on a run (including a 5-min warm-up), so I definitely hear ya.

    Your maps are awesome. I’m a total number/graph/maps geek myself, and that’s part of why I love my Nike+ so much.

    I’ve seen (and used) Map My Run before, but how did you get the aerial view map, instead of the standard view. Is that part of the premium membership?

  22. Nope, it’s free. You have to select hybrid maps from the right side menu.

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