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I began today’s run with one simple goal.  Run until I couldn’t run another step.  How did I do?

Well this chart tells only a small part of the story.  I began my run feeling a bit rough.  My chest felt a bit rough, like my trachea was raw.  But since I didn’t have a sore throat I figured I would just go ahead and run.  Before I ran out the door I uploaded to my Ipod a 35 minute segment from the Dennis Prager radio show and hit the road.

The first five minutes of my run felt horrible.  The only analogy I can give you is that it felt like my legs were the size of broomsticks and I was trying to balance a bag of cement blocks on top of them.  That is the only way I can convey to you how it felt every time my weight would come crashing down on my lead foot.  (more…)

Top 10 Search Terms:

You’ll notice that the 1st, 7th, and 8th most used search term all focus on my sexercise article.  It sure has been worth its weight in gold when it comes to hits.

And while Total Transformation came in as the number 2 search term, if you added up all the variation of “before and after” on the top 50 search terms list of my blog, it would easily take the number 2 spot.

Last, but by no means least, Ninja Warrior made a strong showing- holding the 3rd and 6th spots on the list.

Next there are the top 10 clicks: (more…)

Which is the best online fitness tool?  Drop by tomorrow and find out which one gets the Total Transformation Test blog’s stamp of approval.  Keep in mind that unlike many other bloggers I don’t get compensation of any kind to endorse products.  BTW, that isn’t because of moral qualms, I simply can’t post ads on here so it just isn’t possible.  See you tomorrow.

Also, if you know of any online fitness sites similar to the three mentioned above, let me know.