Personal Commitments for the Week

Posted: July 14, 2008 in 1

Exercise Greater Discipline

  1. Eat Clean
  2. Go Beyond my Comfort Level
  3. Stay Positive/Reduce Stress

I. Eating Clean

I have to say that eating healthy is the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle.  Since we have to eat so often throughout the day it is easy to rationalize so many unhealthy foods- or even overeating otherwise healthy foods.  Looking back over the last few weeks I’ve identified several problem areas that have led to poor eating habits.

  • Lack of meal planning
  • A schedule that is too flexible
  • A lack of seriousness of purpose

These three factors have fed my own excuses and rationalizations over the last few weeks.  Without proper meal planning it is easy to underestimate how much you eat in any given day.  With a schedule that is too flexible and open it is easy to get sucked into snacking in down times between activities.  And perhaps the most fundamental problem, without the proper attitude it is all too easy for old habits to creep back in and destroy a fitness program.

Look at it this way, it only takes a half hour of motivation to get through a workout.  It takes a days worth of discipline to stick to your nutritional goals.

II.  Go Beyond my Comfort Level

When I think about running, I think about comfort level.  Why?  Because that magical point in any run where you feel like you could run another 10 miles- the runner’s high- is always about 8 minutes after your shins start hurting, 5 minutes after you are sucking air, and 3 minutes after you start telling yourself:

“I just can’t do this.  I better stop and give up.”

If you don’t push yourself past your comfort level you’ll never experience that amazing moment in your run when it all clicks.  Your legs feel like they are gliding through the air, your breathing seems effortless, and your mind says, “this feels GREAT!  Can we go another mile or two?!”

III. A Lack of Seriousness of Purpose

This isn’t a hobby, this is a lifestyle.  It isn’t something I can put down, walk away from, and come back a month later.  I have to stick to this day after day after day.  Especially if I want to achieve the difficult goals I’ve set for myself in the ten week transformation challenge.  The biggest problem is that a lack of seriousness of purpose can undermine both your ability to retain your discipline and your ability to push past your comfort level.

With the exception of the most extreme pranksters, who goes beyond their comfort level for a joke?  Sure you can joke about fitness, but when it comes to workout times, it should be all seriousness.  At least that is how I work best.  And when I think of hardcore seriousness and intensity, I think of perhaps one of the best movies of all time.

When he turns his hat backwards he is an arm wrestling machine!

  1. Rachel says:

    I totally agree that without a good meal plan it is easy to fall back on old habits. If I don’t have dinner planned ahead of time I always want to take the easy way out and go out to eat. However, my new rule is if we do go out we can only get Subway. I figure that is way better then any other fast food!

  2. Generally a good idea, just be careful since some of the foods at Subway that you would assume would be low-carb, are NOT. For example, their wraps.

  3. dadivastreet says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am doubling my efforts this week on putting a meal plan in place. I believe it will keep me more focused.

  4. Nicole says:

    I understand about the “too flexible” schedule! My weekends are always way worse because I don’t have my usualy routine of when I eat…its tough!

  5. “I understand about the “too flexible” schedule! My weekends are always way worse because I don’t have my usually routine of when I eat…its tough!”

    Especially when you have in-laws in town or you have to go out to eat.

    BTW, I am glad to report that it is three days into the week and I have eaten well everyday thus far.

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