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Well, we set a record for this blog.  The previous record was 2,458 visits (set last week).  The new record is now 3,465 hits in a week.  Even better news, the TotalTransformationTest blog is on pace to have its highest traffic month ever.  Thanks to all of you who visited!  Please do keep coming back for more.

Thanks to all of you...

Thanks to all of you...

Personal Commitments for the Week

Posted: July 14, 2008 in 1

Exercise Greater Discipline

  1. Eat Clean
  2. Go Beyond my Comfort Level
  3. Stay Positive/Reduce Stress

I. Eating Clean

I have to say that eating healthy is the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle.  Since we have to eat so often throughout the day it is easy to rationalize so many unhealthy foods- or even overeating otherwise healthy foods.  Looking back over the last few weeks I’ve identified several problem areas that have led to poor eating habits. (more…)