Just Plain ol’ Odd Search Terms

Posted: July 12, 2008 in 1
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Here we go again, another installment of the odd and whacky search terms that have led internet seekers to my humble blog…

if i obsess…

What?  Stock prices go up?  Global Warming gets worse?  Don’t leave me hanging!

jiggly belly

Santa, is that you?

fat stomach rolls

I would personally recommend kaiser rolls, fat stomach rolls can be a bit too doughy and, trust me, they go straight to your stomach and hips.

why sex is a good workout

Do you really need to be convinced?

funny christian pickup lines

Is that a savior i your pocket?  Or do you just need to be saved?

beyonce’s breasts top 10

Hmmm..would this be the top ten songs on Beyonce’s breasts’ I-pod?  Or does she have more than two breasts?  Heck, if there is a top ten I am guessing she has more than 10, right?

rape acronym funny

Um, seriously, someone typed this in and search for this.  What were they thinking?  Let’s try and recapture that moment.  Guy sitting in front of computer: “Hey, I need to buy more Cheetos.  Speaking of Cheetos, didn’t Charlie tell a really runny joke about rape the other day?  Yeah, what was it…oh yeah!  It was an acronym for rape.  I better Google that and see what I find.”

gain 15 lbs lean mass in 9 weeks with th

I fail to see how even the distinctive and useful th sound (or the combination of consonants) could help you gain 15lbs of lean mass in 9 weeks.  Have you tried steroids or Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

transform one week days

Into what?  Weekend days?


We only talk about sexercise here, sexerise is a different department.

bar living

I recommend living in a house.  There is less second hand smoke, fewer drunks, and you are far less likely to have beer spilled on you.  In addition, sleeping on the bar can be quite uncomfortable.

al sharpton weight loss

I didn’t say it!  You gotta believe me, someone else searched this.

how long doesit take to build 5lbs of mu

Can you weigh the sound a cow makes?

kinky exercise workout ideas; sex while workout

If you are thinking of combining resistance training with intimate behavior I would advise against such.  Why?  Trust me, it just can’t end well.

wrestling weigh ins nude

I wrestled in high school and luckily never saw this happen.  All weigh-ins were conducted strictly in tighty whiteys.  I saw guys shave their heads and eyebrows to make weight, but no one ever dropped their undies to make weight.

nicholas victus>ghana, africa

Is this a search or some bizarre mathematical equation?  I didn’t need the equation though, I kind of guessed that Ghana was greater than a guy named Nicholas.

double f

Okay…ff.  Happy?

a godly rap comment

I got nothing for you.  Sorry.

godly acronym for healthy living

Healthy Living = Humans Eating All the Lettuce, Tea-leaves, Humus, Yogurt, and Lentils…well I can’t finish this.   Can anyone else handle this?

  1. 1godsgal says:

    LOL… Very funny!!! Ok, I’m doing better with my eating n stuff…funny how I avoid your blog when I’m not…hmmm have a blessed day!!! 🙂

  2. MizFit says:

    SO FUNNY!!

    for some reason I think I dont wanna know with regards to mine 😉

  3. Julien says:

    I got a kick out of that one 🙂

  4. It was refreshing to have ZERO truly explicit and disgusting search terms this time around. Thankfully most were suggestive at worst. I don’t expect that to hold out for too long, but I will enjoy it while I can.

  5. Some recent ones for me:

    “people being eaten painting”
    “chickens and there babies”
    “being fat takes longer to climax”
    “how to stop being attracted to children”


  6. ““how to stop being attracted to children””

    Give the man credit for trying.

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