It was a great day! The A.M. session went well- aside from one funny incident I neglected to share earlier. The funny incident?  As I was sprinting I was not looking at the ground, and as a result I almost stepped on a tortuga (Spanish for turtle).  I noticed him (or her) when my foot was about 5 inches from hitting him square on his shell.  I saw him just in time to push my foot backward.  Unfortunately the repositioning of my foot propelled my upper body forward and I stumbled for several feet- darn near wiping out on my face- before I recovered my balance.  It was worth it though.  I didn’t want it on my conscience that I split the poor little guy’s shell.

Aside from that my workouts were great- especially my run tonight.  When I started my ankles were still hurting from my run this morning.  Moreover, the skies were darkened and another storm was coming.  However, I willed myself out the door to run, said a little prayer, and headed down the driveway.  Surprise, surprise, I ran for over 16 minutes without stopping.  At that point it started pouring down and I got worried that my I-pod might get ruined in the rain.  Otherwise I felt like I could have gone another 16 minutes.  How do I know that? When I got back to my house and found shelter from the rain under the trees I dropped down and did 50 push-ups with no trouble at all- it was like I was 18 again!  What a wonderful day.

  1. MizFit says:

    (smile) at 39 Ive grown to ADORE those I FEEL LIKE IM 18 AGAIN!!! days.

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