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Posted: July 11, 2008 in blogging, Me
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Tomorrow I will put up the latest strange search terms that led to this blog- with my own responses attached.  Bear with me for all of you who are new to this, I have an odd sense of humor.  Also, thanks for helping me set a record for hits today.  This blog is close to 3,000 hits in one week- much higher than the previous record of 2,439.  Thanks guys and gals for all your help.  I hope you keep visiting.  I will do my best to keep putting out content that is helpful, inspirational, and at times humorous.

New Features Just Over the Horizon: Word History Wednesdays, an Introduction to Traineo, and Vocabulary List Weekends.

  1. Milena says:

    It is all you say and more. Liking your blog tremendously. I’ll keep visiting. Count on it.

  2. Thanks Milena. I appreciate the compliment. 😉

  3. tam says:

    oh good lord im gonna need those wednesday posts!!!


  4. Stiletto says:

    Your odd sense of humor has provided us with much entertainment. SO, I guess that means, thanks for being an oddball.

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