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Posted: July 6, 2008 in adoption, family, life, Me, my life
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I thought I would share with you some brief excerpts from the autobiographical piece I wrote for the adoption process.  I picked a paragraph or two from the sections about my wife, our marriage, and my daughter.  Hope you enjoy.

I. Meeting my Wife

It was during my second year of law school that I met my future wife. My law school was literally located between giant corn fields in Ohio. In my frustration over the lack of romantic prospects I posted an online singles ad on a Christian singles website. While at the website I came across my wife’s singles ad and sent her a message. Although she deleted my first message, in my forgetfulness I sent her a second message, to which she responded. We hit it off immediately over the phone and within two weeks I was driving over 5 hours (10 hours round trip) to Indiana. Little did I know during that first 250 mile drive that sitting 10 hours in a car would become a yearlong traditional until our marriage 14 months later.

So why did I drive 10 hours each weekend? From the first time I met my wife I was quite taken with her. She was sweet, innocent, kind, compassionate, and empathetic. Not to mention, she was quite beautiful. We shared many common beliefs (religious and political), with enough dissimilarities to keep things interesting. She was from a home that was never split by divorce, her family remained very close (socially and geographically), and she could hold her own in a discussion of almost any topic—I found all of these things alluring.

II. Our Marriage

Yet our marriage isn’t perfect. I am a bit of a slob (read: I leave my under garments on the floor where they fall) and she is a very tidy person. In addition we express our love in different ways; I express my love through physical affection and gifts while my wife expresses her love through service (i.e. picking up my used under garments from the floor). Despite the stresses of different work schedules and finances we have done a good job navigating the rough waters of life. This is mostly because both of us approach our marriage with what might be called a commitment to lasting happiness (the more cynical might call it stubbornness). We are committed to working through whatever difficulties arise whatever they might be. Furthermore, our strengths complement each other quite well. While my wife is kind, compassionate, pragmatic, patient, and a gentle taskmaster; I am idealistic, hopeful, daring, and sometimes a bit wild (i.e. last weekend I ended up playing the role of human sled for my daughter and her friends on a ten foot high water sled).

III. Our Daughter

Just three months after our marriage our daughter Sasha was conceived. She burst forth into the world at Rex Hospital full of noise and strength. She has always been an active and strong-willed child. She is currently three years old. She enjoys books about faeries, ponies whose rear ends smell like pineapples and assorted other fruits, and princess dresses. She also enjoys belching contests with her father. While at times she can be quite stubborn, generally she is kind-hearted, very open toward everyone, and almost always willing to share. We have explained to her about adoption and she loves the idea. She often asks, “Daddy, when I get a sister, will it be a boy sister or a girl sister?” She also likes to remind us how she can’t wait to share her ponies with her adopted big sister.

  1. Neil says:

    John, thanks for sharing that. What a great story of how you and your wife met!

  2. Angel says:

    great story John!.HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO YOU AND YOURS !!…

  3. Randy says:

    Good story. I laughed at the part where your daughter asks if it will be a boy sister or girl sister.

    My daughter is expecting her second. Her son is 2 (as of March) and he’s getting excited. It’s fun to watch and the good thing is, we get to send them home at the end of the day.

  4. Neil says:

    The boy sister / girl sister reminded me of what my niece just said about her newly adopted brother (both are black): “Now this family has two white people and two brown people!”

  5. Edgar says:

    ( I leave my under garments on the floor where they fall)

    I’m glad I’m not alone in that department.

    Thanks for sharing and God bless you in your adoption.

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