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Did you know that there exists a war of words between a growing fat acceptance movement and folks who advocate weight loss as a means to decrease the likelihood of diseases like diabetes and cancer?  The folks in the fat (or body size) acceptance movement label their adversaries fatophobes while the weight loss advocates have a name for the fat acceptance folks- fatophiles.  Both sides make interesting points.  In the end both sides have their problems.  The fatophiles come off as bent on rationalizing unhealthy body sizes by whatever means possible, while the fatophobes appear unrealistic and intolerant of variations in body size.  However one thing is clear, both messages taken to their extreme pose a danger, but the former appears to be much more dangerous than the latter.  Listen to the fatophobes too much and perhaps anorexia becomes a bigger problem as people become more irrational about their weight, listen to the fatophiles and their excuses for obesity and what is now labeled “an obesity epidemic” only grows worse.

The fatophiles do have some things going for them and they are worth mentioning here. (more…)