A Blogging Retrospective: 18 months of Blogging in one Post

Posted: July 3, 2008 in 1

Well we’ve been through a lot together over the last 18 months.  I started this blogging journey in February of 2007.  Since then I’ve opened up my life and heart numerous times on this blog.  This blog has been reinvented (along with my fitness routine) countless times.  So here is a trip through memory lane- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some of you who have only tuned in recently might not know that I used to blog a lot more about religious issues.  I have kind of shied away from that in order to focus more on weight loss, but that might change in the near future.  But for the sake of reminiscing, let’s look back at topics and issues I have blogged about: virtues (patience and charity), the anti-virtue pride, faith, how we pray, reaping what we sow, the wisdom of Proverbs, not getting derailed by life’s troubles, righteous hate?, our Christianity (and more), leaving the church, is the world comfortable with you?, becoming a Godly person, a fireside chat with the adversary, the believer’s tight rope.

You’ve also seen me cross many milestones and rededicate myself to fitness numerous times.  Regarding re-dedication, here is a short list: back before the first too tight shirt challenge, major changes in my fitness routine, back when I was approaching 165 lbs, the weight loss challenge, the first too tight shirt challenge which did not pan out, combined resistance and cardio training, and my new workout.

I’ve also provided you guys with lots of recipes and reviews.  Remember the winner of my protein bar review challenge?  That’s right, the Snicker’s Marathon Bar.  I also have a recipe for some great breakfast cookies.

Hopefully I have also introduced you to some new t.v. shows, music, and other forms of entertainment.  First and foremost there is my favorite show on t.v. and the show I hope to one day compete on, Ninja Warrior.  There were also the inspiring songs and the old songs I still love.

There has also been lots of weight loss/fitness advice.  Some of the knowledge I have dropped on you has included: reclaiming visualization from the hippies, the wonders of single-joint exercises, the miraculous powers of multi-joint exercises, the cure for the common (boring) rep, how fat cells work, basic weight loss tips, eating healthier one step at a time, top five things you can do today to start living healthier, becoming a one set wonder, determining if you are body obsessed, conquering the munchies, the great news about sex you always wanted to hear, a complete blockhead’s guide to dieting, all kinds of push-ups.

Heck, we’ve even talked about white honor and slavery,

We have shared some hard times and some inspirational times.  There was my long walk in the rain, living the deliberate life, my best results ever, weight loss: a visual journey, a bench press record, and the fun playground workouts.

You’ve also seen my many projects- some finished and many left unfinished.  The biggest project thus far has been my front yard.  The first big projects were the gardens out front. Recently we expanded our gardens and planted tons of new stuff.  There was also my unconventional workout out tools.

There have also been some laughs.  Funny engagement announcements, condom thieves, Obama supporter gets owned, a good pirate joke, and watching out for visiting demons.  There has also been a ton of political parodies.  Some of my favorites include the love story between the two Johns (Kerry and Edwards), A letter from Mahmoud to the U.S., and how to know when the government is out to get you.

Remember all those nasty and ridiculous search terms and comment spam?  Ranging from the downright make you throw up disgusting to the weird (for more see here, here, here, and here).

I’ve also answered a few memes and even started two of my own.  I answered the eight things about me meme.  Furthermore, I started the “what do you read” meme and the even more interesting the “You and Google Image search meme.”

Moreover, this blog contains tons of personal stuff and stories. Just a few examples in case your patience is running out: My run in with homeland security, crossing the 180 lbs plateau, my old poetry,

And we can’t forget all the pictures of me in the past and present, me fat, me not-so-fat, and me topless.  Want to know what I looked like at 16 and 19The first batch of photos was not pretty.  For some examples just click here, here, and here.  Don’t forget this must see graphic.

Moreover, I didn’t limit myself to making myself over physically, but also financially.  The total financial transformation was a big hit with readers- ranking among my top posts.  We even took drastic steps to stop the bleeding.  Just say it with me- CUT THOSE CREDIT CARDS UP!

And finally, I used to cover news stories of all kinds.  Topics included: Koran flushing, Weird Stuff Germans Say, Dangerous Air Bags, Sharpton’s Collateral Damage, Opinions from my Favorite Lesbian, and the air car.

It has been so much fun.  I look forward to another 18 months of blogging and hopefully at least a few more goals achieved.

  1. Neil says:

    Congratulations! Good to hear that you may do more religious themes. I always like the “total” transformation theme, though the fitness advice and general sense of humor have been terrific.

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  3. Alfie says:

    That’s a lot of stuff ! It’s actually kind of cool that after 18 months of blogging you have tangible real world happenings and aspects to show for it.
    I stop by and some of the stuff goes past me but all in all it always seems to have and serve a purpose.

  4. Keep it up! I’ve enjoyed the ‘total’ series as well.

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