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Israel blogged about Men’s Health Magazine just a few days ago, and I figured I would throw in my two cents.  As a young man I really enjoyed Men’s Health Magazine, but I’ve found as I grow older (not to mention my marital status and fatherhood) that Men’s Health Magazine leaves a few things to be desired.  As a 29 year old married father I just don’t an interest in a large portion of the articles in Men’s Health Magazine.  For example if you swing by their website today you will see the following stories: Does Your Boss Want You?, What to do if that flirty female is your superior; Master the First Date; Does she want to Get Kinky?  Not to mention the several page article (a few issues ago) related to convincing your wife to engage in kinky behavior (including threesomes). (more…)

Day 1 Activities

Weight: 180.6lbs.  Up dramatically since I took my daughter to see WALL-E the other day and ate some Wal-mart popcorn we smuggled in and then the in-laws took us out to dinner at Applebees.  I expect it to drop significantly in the next two or three days. (more…)