The First Ever Funny Acronym Tuesday…

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Brief Recap: Since bloggers all over the blogosphere have their own little weird competitions and cooperative challenges (see Whatever Wednesday and Fill-in Fridays) I figured I would throw my hat into the ring.  The game is simple, I post an acronym and the first person to comment fills in the missing words and creates an unexplained acronym of their own.  The next comment fills in that acronym and so on. Make your response corny, odd, dark, wherever your sense of humor leads.

Now that you are caught up, welcome to the inaugural funny acronym Tuesday.  If you need to get further aquainted with the rules of the game and see some examples check yesterday’s post.  Your first ever acronym for the first ever funny acronym Tuesday is….


  1. students never answer really knowingly


  2. Pat Randy’s Eggs Together


  3. Miners Teaching Otters philately.


  4. tam says:

    racing against nothing, dumb you


  5. Serendipitous Toddlers Altering Time

    And in honor of acronyms that look an awful lot like achievement tests


  6. I would play, but I’m going too slowly to keep up. I’ll just watch.

  7. Teresa says:


    Snobby Neo-Anarchistic Retro-Kooks

  8. Teresa says:

    Oh wait! I blew it.

  9. Mark Salinas says:

    P. W. D .U .C.

    People Who Don’t Use Coasters

  10. Teresa says:


    Dystopic Systems Tank Mightely


  11. Cool Pachyderms Always Crump


  12. Teresa says:

    Daily Knowledge; Orderly Sentiments

    wait…”crump”? Uh,,,OK, so…


  13. Yes crump, a form of dance.

  14. praise365 says:

    I am oddly amused


  15. Humpty-Dumpty’s Paralyzing Chemical Concoction


  16. praise365 says:

    Foul Air Real Time


  17. Teresa says:


    Moping Over Never Knowing Entrancing Yodlers?


  18. Meandering Over Northern Kenya’s Etruscan Yachts….

    That was a tough one. Anyone else want to take a stab at it?


  19. Wow…I didn’t refresh fast enough.

  20. Teresa says:

    Legumes Invigorate Gigantic Elephant’s Ruminations


  21. Teresa says:

    This has been fun…but I will have to check back later to view the final carnage…
    …I’ve got a customer requesting rapid-fire revisions.

    I am the alliteration queen.

  22. ckroboth says:

    Only Penguins Eat Coconuts


  23. ckroboth says:

    (I think I did that wrong.. Carry on I will continue to watch)

  24. Pristine Elephants Taste Awful.


  25. Scores of Chocolate Underwear Brilliantly Adorned…

    You did fine ckroth…

    How about this for a toughy…


    In case that is too tough you can try this one out…


  26. carrie says:

    carrie can cook corn

    let the next peep have the easy one

  27. Neil says:

    Chronic Intake of Scandalous Treats


    Wow, I feel like I’m part of history here! We’ll all remember the first F.A.T. ever. Gotta submit this quickly before someone beats me to it . . .

  28. Freeloading River-rats Eulogizing Einstein


  29. Teresa says:

    Women In Craft Circles Alliance

    (had a minute)

    A.F.A.I.K (trying again)

  30. Alliance of Fastidious Aviators Insisting on Kerosene


  31. tam says:

    flavored licorice is constantly kickin everyones rear


  32. Supple Teenagers Are Rarely Single


  33. AndrewE says:

    Social teenagers are not loving energy yoga.


  34. blessed1 says:

    beat up rude people


  35. blessed1 says:

    🙂 You gonna do my fridays since I’m doing your tuesdays???

  36. Always Rinse Inseperable Socks Equally



  37. is this East Coast time – or West Coast? ( Midwest? Australian??)


  38. Teresa says:

    Anti-Reason Indignation Soars Everywhere


  39. Teresa says:

    Goading Odd Ducks So Every Nut Dispairs


  40. Catered Omelettes Never Take Rein Of Lunch.


  41. Lions Eat Ostriches


  42. poupee97 says:

    Stupid and Dumb


  43. Blessed1: “You gonna do my fridays since I’m doing your tuesdays???”

    Of course

    Lovewill: “is this East Coast time – or West Coast? ( Midwest? Australian??)”

    East coast U.S. time.

  44. Thanks everyone, that was an excellent turn out for Funny Acronym Tuesday. We set records on this blog for comments, traffic, etc. Moreover, the acronyms were great! We’ll have to do this again next week. 😉

  45. comment ho!

    you been hanging around Tam and Mandy – haven’t you?

    ( thanks for the time clue – i just made it into Tuesday… if i take west coast time and not Aussie)( gmt +8)


  46. tam says:

    LOVE!!! are you suggesting i am a comment ho?!?!

    go to your room.

    now. march.


  47. […] Acronym Tuesday WinnerS Posted on July 30, 2008 by totaltransformation The winner of the first ever Funny Acronym Tuesday (F.A.T.) was Blessed1 with the acronym B.U.R.P. which stands for “Beat up Rude […]

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  49. WordComic says:

    Check out @wordcomic on twitter for more acronyms like this!

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