One guy lost 9 pounds (2% body fat) in 6 weeks by simply playing Wii Sports 30 minutes each day.

Well I have a few recommendations to make your Wii Sports experience an even more powerful exercise program.  Let’s begin with an outline, a simple list of two things you can do to burn more calories playing Wii Sports…

  1. Increase and augment bodily movement
  2. Create an interval experience

Increase and augment bodily movement.

Wii sports can get you moving, but there is not getting around it, you can cheat by simply moving the remote and not moving your body all that much.  So why not go out of your way by adding in movement to your Wii Sports experience.  For example, when you play Wii Tennis…

…Try jumping as high as you can whenever a high ball comes your way.  Try adding in a lunge with your swing when the ball is slightly out of reach on screen?  I am sure you could come up with some of your own ideas on how to add in some extra body movements to the normal tennis monotony of swinging a racket.

Create an Interval Experience

You burn more calories when you vary your heart rate and the intensity of exercise than when you run (workout) at a steady pace.  So why not turn your Wii Sports experience into an interval training session.  Wii Sports (for the benefit of those who don’t own a copy) has many options ranging from the straight up choices of full games of bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing, and golf to mini training games for all of the previously mentioned sports.

Obviously some sports require more energy than others (sorry golfers) so alternative between high energy events like tennis and boxing and moderate energy events like baseball, golf, and bowling.  Use the lower energy sports to slow down and recover between 3 to 6 minute sessions of boxing and tennis.  Moreover, be sure to include the mini games.  The boxing mini games are especially good as you can alternative between working your abs with the “dodge” game and doing some cardio with the punching bag game.

Let me know how the Wii workout works for you.  I’ve added it into my workout plans four to five times each week.

  1. MizFit says:


    might print this out for my hubby as my birthday is coming!


  2. Miz, they are quite fun. The balance games are great. ALSO, over the next 6 to 8 months some big new titles are getting ready to drop including a fitness game featuring that trainer from Biggest Loser- Jillian Michaels. that is her name, right?

    Supposedly the Michaels game won’t have the same problems as the Wii Fit game: no pre-set workouts, clicking and choosing every exercise individually, etc.

  3. JJ says:

    I ended up losing a total of 40lbs just by playing wii sports 30 minutes a day…that number has gone up now that I have been playing wii fit as well as wii sports

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