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Here is a list of some fairly difficult vocabulary words- taken from my word of the day emails.  How many of these words do you know?  Please be honest when you report your score(s) in the comments section.

1. Renascent.

a. To remember fondly    b. Showing renewed vigor    c.  Dogged pursuit of a goal   d.  Strength in the face of adversity


a. A musical instrument  b.  Moving with rapidity    c. Avoiding labor      d.  Prone to fits of melancholy

3. Assuage

a.  To appease   b. To make moot/void   c.  Slow moving, lumbering   d.  To act on one’s own

4. Gewgaw

a.  A mythical creature   b.  A condition similar to insomnia   c.  A person who shows extreme emotions       d. A trinket

5. Susurration

a. To find or discover    b. A whisper, soft sound    c.  A secretive meeting    d.  An odd or strange sound

6. Verdure

a. Overgrown    b.  Descriptive of life in the country    c.  Greenness or freshness of vegetation   d.  To call out loudly

7. Dilatory

a. Tending to procrastinate       b.  Weak       c.  Effeminate      d.  A tendency to appease others

8.  Rodomontade

a.  A circular motion    b.  Bragging speech    c.  A force which propels an object   d.  a singular and rare occurence

9. Fustian

a. To make an ill-informed bargain   b.  To deal with evil people   c.  Pompous speech   d.  Easily frustrated

10. Abominate

a. To abhor, loathe     b.  To eradicate or destroy     c.  To dislike       d.   To wander aimlessly

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