In the category of “D’uh!.” In the wake of Tim Russert’s heart attack the belief that “if we do everything right — eat healthy, exercise, undergo diligent screening, and get all of our numbers lined up in ideal ranges — that we can prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes and forestall premature death” is taking quite a few hits.  [1]  While these methods are helpful they are not foolproof guarantees.  Then again, what in life is guaranteed other than death and taxes?

Are you a Metabo? You might ask what is Metabo?  Metabo is another name for a person who is presumed to suffer from Metabolic Syndrome.  And for those too lazy to click on the link here is a definition:

Metabolic syndrome is a compilation of risk factorswaist circumference, blood pressure, blood sugar, and triglyceride and blood lipids (cholesterol). Some say that the more of these indices that are “high,” the greater the risk for heart disease. [Metabo- Is a Small Waistline a Measure of Health?]

The author poses a question that provokes some…interesting…imagery

Is a smaller belt size to prevent heart disease like going braless to reduce risks for breast cancer? [Metabo- Is a Small Waistline a Measure of Health?]

The article also contains this gem which is too good to pass up. It is also an excellent answer for a question I am often asked by those who wonder why I propose we focus more on fitness than on weight and waist line measurements. An 18 year study of over 21,000 men between the ages of 30 and 83 published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1999) found:

among the unfit men, the small-waisted men (<87cm) [34 inches] had double the risks for cardiovascular disease deaths and all-cause mortality than the large-waisted men (≥99cm) [39 inches] (RR=4.88 versus 2.40). Adjusting for smoking, high blood pressure and cholesterol didn’t change the results. As the authors concluded, “the health benefits of leanness are limited to fit men.” It’s the thinner men for whom we should be especially promoting increased physical activity. “Fit men in the highest quartile of waist girth had no elevated risk of all-cause mortality and had much lower mortality risk than unfit men in the lowest quartile of waist girth. [Metabo- Is a Small Waistline a Measure of Health?]

YET MORE problematic government intervention into your health. In Canada (surprising, I know) “the Canadian Home Care Association is urging the government to seize the opportunity for information technology into homes where most health care is delivered.”  What does it mean?  According to Sandy Szwarc, “This is government monitoring and integrating home surveillance data into a federal health database for the government to manage care and supervise compliance.”  Moreover, Szwarc suggests (and I second the suggestion):

As you read the report’s description, ask yourself if this is a right you want government to assume, under the guise of making sure you eat and take the medications it prescribes for you, to keep you healthy or safe; if this is a role for federal, integrated government surveillance; and once such a nationwide system is in place, how it could be misused. [Home [Health] Surveillance]

Is the panic over childhood obesity reaching idiotic and unhealthy proportions?

As every objective expert review of that evidence has concluded, childhood obesity is not caused by what or how much children eat. Kids eating a vast array of diets will still naturally grow up to be a variety of shapes and sizes. And no dietary or behavioral intervention to reduce obesity in children or change their behaviors long-term has proven effective, even the most comprehensive school based nutritional policies. [School Lunches- Are Kids Eating Healthy]

Good News for Wandering Internet Users.  In a loss for people with tin foil hats the world over, free WiFi is back on track in the city of Santa Fe.  However there is something we can learn from this bizarre circus of paranoia:

Those who believe they have electromagnetic sensitivities (ES) and other environmental illnesses experience very real symptoms which tragically illustrate how fears and the power of our beliefs can hurt people. Their fears are driven by a string of misunderstandings of what is happening to them. [New Mexico is Being Irradiated by WiFi?]

So what do you think?

  1. Angie says:

    Yes, I think many of us were shocked to hear of TR’s sudden death.
    This post is very informative..I now know about a Metabo. I had never heard of this word before. Metabolism yes, waist problem yes.. oh well, got a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing

  2. Randy says:

    Good information. Russert’s death has received WAY too much press. Interesting that there’s probably nothing that could have been done to prevent it.

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  4. Hm, thanks for the info mate.

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