Well there is lots of stuff to catch up on so maybe I should say something like, “Coming this Week”

First I have to “dance with the one that brung me” and get back to some good old fashioned weight loss blogging. I have gotten a bit off track and forgotten my Excel spread sheets for the last few days. Well, I plan on bringing them back. I am also putting together a new post on sex and exercise (related to the VERY popular sexercise post– now viewed over 4,200 times) that will come with an interesting challenge.

I will also drop a few posts about morals, life, and some stuff that really depressed me this week. For example, during our M.A.P.P. classes one of our instructors told us about a foster child that was caught sexually molesting his foster family’s pets. When asked why he responded that his birth father had taught him that it was okay since animals couldn’t tell anyone. Another example, of the children to enter the North Carolina foster care system it is claimed that 80% have been sexualized or molested in some way. The sexual abuse ranges from having a mother (most likely lost in a drug addiction) that allows them to witness her engaged in sexual activity to physical molestation. It is utterly depressing to think that while I am smiling, laughing, pushing my daughter on a swing, some father or mother is subjecting their child to this kind of torment. Hearing this kind of thing reminds me to always keep in my prayers both these children and their parents- to pray for safety, healing, and Christ’s grace in their lives.

Third, a thank you is in order as we have raised about a quarter of the money we need to cover the costs of this adoption thanks to you guys and gals who read this blog. THANK YOU! Once again, if you feel led or desire to send a few dollars you can either click on the PayPal button (Just in case you can’t find the PayPal button, you can click here) or you can send me an email at Totaltransformation@yahoo.com and I will reply with a mailing address where you can send a check. Also, you need not feel limited to monetary gifts since we do have to decorate a rather barren room and we will need blankets, quilts, curtains, etc. As the time gets closer I will let you guys/gals know if the child(ren) entering our home will be (a) boy(s) or (a) girl(s)- and obviously if she happen to be a girl who likes army figures and tow trucks I will let you know. ;-). It just happens that our daughter loves faerie books and stickers, ponies who have rear ends that smell like pineapples and other assorted fruits, and princess dresses and toys. However, she also loves imitating WWE wrestling moves and belching contests with daddy.

Note: I am doing my best to teach her that there is a proper place and time for everything- including flatulence

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