Just in case anyone was curious, I put my info through all the calculators I provided in the Powerful Fitness Tools post and came up with the following

  1. My ideal weight is somewhere between 151 and 170 lbs
  2. My 110/64 blood pressure ranks as normal, while my resting heart rate of 63 beat per minute also ranks as “good.”
  3. My basal metabolic rate is 1,889 calories per day.
  4. ….
  5. The cholesterol calculator says that my 142 LDL is in a healthy range.
  6. The exercise risk calculator says I am ready to start working out.
  7. According the to diabetes risk calculator, I am currently not at risk for diabetes.
  8. The body fat calculator (non-caliper) claims my body fat is 23%- I think that is too high.
  9. No measurement on vertical jump
  10. The male girth calculator says that my 7 inch wrist suggests that: My chest should be 45 1/2 inches; my wait 31.8 inches; my hips 38 inches; my biceps 16 3/4 inches; my forearms 13.2 inches; my thighs 24.5 inches (a piece I guess); my calves 15.5 inches; and my neck 16.8 inches. Those all sound like good goal numbers to me.
  11. the answer to the longevity quiz made no sense to me.
  12. My 50 push-ups in one minute ranks as excellent (in the top 15%) according to the push-up calculator.
  13. And the frame size calculator surprised me when it said I had a “LARGE” frame- I always considered myself medium. However, I ran a few more numbers, and if my wrist were an 1/8 of an inch smaller I would rank as a medium frame. So I am right on the dividing line between medium and large frame.
  1. dougwalk says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words and links. I did lose weight a couple of years ago specifically for my sons wedding and I looked great and felt great, but then I got sick with high blood pressure & horrible headaches right before Christmas 2006 and got off of my normal food intake and normal exercise regimen. After that, the old habits of eating too much at the wrong time crept back in and I gained all that I had lost plus some.

    So, instead of being focused on just weight loss, I thought that if I focused on health & fitness, I would have a better chance of remaining with my program.

    My program is quite simple: Eat less, walk more. Don’t count calories, eat the same foods that I always eat, but just less and remember that loading up on veggies is just one great way of having a full stomach feeling without the guilt or extra pounds.

    Thanks again.

  2. Teresa says:

    Ya know, I found that push-up calculator rather limiting. It doesn’t say anything about how fit you are if you can do push-ups with a dog resting his head on your neck and pushin down, or a dog jumping back and forth over your back, or with a dog licking your ear and making you giggle.

    I think you have to be pretty darned fit to do push-ups while giggling.

    And yet…no mention of it in the push-up calculator.

  3. “It doesn’t say anything about how fit you are if you can do push-ups with a dog resting his head on your neck and pushing down, or a dog jumping back and forth over your back, or with a dog licking your ear and making you giggle.”

    It also said nothing about doing push-ups with 3 children on your back ranging from 30 to 40lbs each. And that is something I do in Sunday mornings to entertain the kids.

  4. Teresa says:


    Stupid push-up calculator.

    If they had a sit-up calculator they probably also wouldn’t take into account leg-up crunches with a pre-schooler clinging to your legs and an infant held over your head, such that they giggled uncontrolably as their faces got close together, then farther away, closer together then farther away…

    …and we might as well forget about a lunge calculator that includes lunges done while holding an infant out in front of you as well.

  5. BTW Teresa were you able to get the scrap blog introduction photo album to work?

  6. Teresa says:


    The only problem I have with it is that i am running Vista, and my computer frequently slows to a crawl…so things like that are difficult to view as I get tired of waiting. 🙂

  7. Go into properties and change your setting back to classic Microsoft.

  8. Not a problem. Ever since I set my computer back to the windows classic settings it runs much faster. All those pretty things about Vista make it look really crisp, but if you are running on 2 gbs or less of DDR it will make your comp run quite slow. .

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