The Adoption Workout: It Will Have you Sweating…

Posted: June 6, 2008 in adoption, challenge, change, family, fat loss, home, life, Me, my life
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Well I ran out this morning and picked up a gallon or so of brilliant white semi-gloss paint, some assorted painting supplies, and a few other sundry items at the local Wal-mart. My goal for the day, to paint the spare bedroom. But the room didn’t just need a coat of paint, oh no, it needed much more. How much more?! Too much!

The windows had no locks or latches. Normally this would be unsafe, however the previous owners had compensated for this by using screws (four 4″ screws in each window) to hold the windows shut tightly. Now this is something I would bet wouldn’t make the fire marshal too happy when he conducts our home inspection. So I go those screws out and installed some basic window latches.

Problem #1: When I took out the screws I discovered that without them the windows won’t stay shut all the way. My guess, we need new windows. We can’t afford them at present so we will wait that one out.

The ceiling is covered in that obnoxious popcorn junk that I detest. Consequently I went to remove the eyesore only to find problem #2

Problem #2: Underneath the ceiling popcorn is a layer of bright yellow paint. Seriously, a ceiling painted bright yellow. You have got to be kidding me! RESULT: I am just gonna wait on scraping that stuff off.

As I was working in the room I noticed that I was sweating like a politician defending Social Security budget cuts to a room full of senior citizens. I walked back into the kitchen to grab some water and realized a significant difference in temperature between the rooms. I knelt down and felt the A/C coming out of each vent only to discover that for some odd reason it wasn’t as cold in the spare bedroom (or my daughter’s room) as that in the rest of the house.

Problem #3: The whole left side of my house (the second bathroom, my daughter’s room, and the spare bedroom aren’t getting heated or cooled as much as the rest of the house. RESULT: Have to pay a heating and air guy what will no doubt be a huge sum to come and check out my system- a system that is as old as the house, 1985. I am dreading the cost of this repair.

I had to take apart the futon and lug it outside. This was my only trip outside after 11 a.m. AND after the temp hit 97 degrees. I spent about five minutes outside altogether moving mattresses and the futon’s wooden frame, and in that five minutes I probably perspired the equivalent of a gallon of water. NOT FUN!

But it wasn’t all bad news. I got the first coat of paint on the walls in less than 2 1/2 hours. Best of all, I didn’t drip ANY paint on the molding or the ceiling. I also killed a wasp that transgressed on my space. I told the little guy that he didn’t have to die if he would just fly back out the window, but he didn’t listen. Why don’t they ever listen? When my conscience recovered from smacking the little guy with my shoe I finished up the room just in time; my wife pulled into the drive way at the exact same moment I was putting up the last brush stroke.

The before picture…

The “in between” photo…

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptWell I ran out this morning and picked up a gallon or so of brilliant white semi-gloss paint, some assorted painting supplies, and a few other sundry items at the local Wal-mart. My goal for the day, to paint the spare bedroom. … […]

  2. Teresa says:


    I totally sympathize! Isn’t that just the way projects always go?

    Makes me think of that children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

    If you give a house a coat of paint…


  3. And I didn’t even mention all the mold I found on the windows. The darn things regrow mold at an alarming rate. Further proof that they didn’t install the windows correctly.

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  5. Teresa says:

    Gah! Mold!

    We have trouble enough with it in Minnesota, where it is only hot and humid for a few months.

    Down in Alabama, it was like we were living in a mold culture dish!

  6. Tell me about it. It seems like I clean the mold off every month, and it comes back a week or two later.

  7. Isaac says:

    lol. Adoption is hard work, but worth it – at least most the time lol.

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