Two Reasons My Daughter is Safe at Night…

Posted: June 5, 2008 in blessings, child, family, life, my life
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Want to know Why?

First, she has so many toys it is almost impossible for anyone unfamiliar with her room to walk through it without breaking their neck tripping over some sort of stuffed animal or doll.

Second, that dog weighs 125lbs and has a pretty mean and imposing bark- not to mention some very large teeth.  He is a gentle giant to those he knows, but disquieting to strangers who often cross the road when he comes walking by.

And in case you were wondering, the wet spot on the bed is some spilled milk. Thank goodness, the dog is house trained.

  1. crazycrashink says:

    looks like toys r us did the decorating!!!

  2. More like toys by her grandparents. Oh, and a sucker of a daddy who has a hard time saying no to his darling little girl.

  3. Randy says:

    We had the massive amounts of toys for my kids when they were growing up. It was dangerous for parents too (always tripping over something), not just intrudgers..

    When my oldest (first) needed to move out of the crib, she wouldn’t make the move. I finally used psychology and told her that her stuffed animals wanted to sleep in the bed. One by one, she gave them up. I finally told her that now they were lonely and she needed to get in the bed with them. She gladly slept alone in the crib.

    So much for psychology.

  4. E. I. says:

    I would be more afraid of breaking my neck than the 125lbs dog. I have Mel Gibson’s power of staring into a dog’s eyes and melting their hearts.

    Seriously though – this is when pets make sense…big mean pets.

    God bless…

  5. “I have Mel Gibson’s power of staring into a dog’s eyes and melting their hearts.”

    Famous last words. HA!

  6. Teresa says:

    WOW! Change the pink to Camo…and that could be my 11-year-olds room!

    (I painted two of his walls in camoflauge…plus most of his wardrobe is camo…also, he even has a Teddy Bear (named Col. O’Neill) that dresses in camo. )


  7. Can one buy camo paint? Or do you have to buy three colors and paint very cautiously?

  8. Teresa says:

    Well, that: and if you tripped on one of the robots or RC cars…you’d likely fall on a sword. 🙂

  9. Teresa says:

    I bought four.

    Light green base, then painted middle green globby shapes over that…then dark green wavey shapes over that…and then dark brown twiggly shapes over them all…

    …all free-hand.

    I did the two small walls over the course of a week. He wanted all four walls in camo, but I put my foot down.

    I did the other two in desert khaki solid.

  10. Sounds fun. Lately I’ve been thinking of painting one of the walls with that grey paint you can write with chalk on. Ever try that out?

  11. Teresa says:

    I haven’t, but I now ppl who have.

    Most important…good ventillation and/or some sort of respiratory protection. I guess that paint has extra special fumes. OK after it dries, though.

    Second, make sure the walls are very well-prepared…normal preperations for normal paint…but it’s just more important to make sure the surface is properly prepared.

    Thirdly, put some kind of calk-catcher underneath to catch the chalk dust…and clean frequently. I guess chalk dust in the carpet is teh bad. 🙂

    I wanted to do that…but some of my friends advised against it. Come to find out that some people who tried it were just not very handy people. 🙂

    That’s all I know from other people’s experience…I bet your daughter (and child (ren) to be) will love it.

  12. “I guess chalk dust in the carpet is teh bad”

    All tile floor. Yet another advantage!

  13. That’s GREAT! When I read your title, i was wondering what the 2 things would be! I love the toy pile!! And mostly… that beautiful doggy sitting there as PROTECTION!
    – Audrey

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