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Since bloggers all over the blogosphere have their own little weird competitions and cooperative challenges (see Whatever Wednesday and Fill-in Fridays) I figured, why not try out my own.  This might fall flat on its face or it might be pretty funny.  Much of that is up to you guys, the readers.

The Rules of the Game.  I post an acronym and the first person to comment fills in the missing words and creates an unexplained acronym of their own.  The next comment fills in that acronym and so on.  Here is a short example.

I post the acronym: H.A.R.M.

Someone comments: H.A.R.M. = Heuristic Analogue Rental Meat.   S.M.A.C.K.

Next comment: S.M.A.C.K. = Serendipitous Musclemen Aficionados Cruising to Kansas.  A.W.O.K.

Make your response corny, odd, dark, wherever your sense of humor leads.  What do you think?  Swing on by on Tuesday for the first acronym of Funny Acronym Tuesday.

I don’t know if I am the only one, but I absolutely-totally-understandably HATE when I hear the following words.

I love you, I’m just not in love with you.

Those words make my blood boil.  But I have to admit, when it comes to my workouts- that about covers my current relationship with exercise.  I love the idea of working out and I love the memory of past workouts, but when it comes to present workouts there is little joy top be had.  And I don’t mean to imply any sense of ease when I use the word joy.  some of my best workouts have been stomach curdling and involved severe nausea and lactic acid burning in my muscles that rivaled a four alarm fire for intensity.  And as a former fireman whose been face-to-face with extreme heat and crackling flames I can speak from experience.  My lack of passion led to a bit of mild depression about the future of my workouts- which as of late have been little more than a roughly choreographed bore fests.

That was until I happened across the Men’s Fitness Magazine website as I was doing research for another post (set to drop later this week).  On the front page there was a link to an article on an MMA fighter’s workout.  A few clicks later I was enthralled by this fast paced, intense, hard pounding exercise routine.

Ever tried anything like this? (more…)

His name is Colin Hay (more…)

Mu avatar is the character Auron from Final Fantasy X.

It has been about three months since I last posted a bunch of the crazy, weird, and perverted search terms people used to find my humble blog.  So here is a fresh batch to fulfill your desire for the oddities of the internet.

top 5 reasons why a woman marries a guy

Is this going to be like Letterman?  I really hope they are funny.  Oh wait, you expected me to provide them.  Sorry, I don’t do requests.

internet sex scams

Isn’t internet sex itself a scam?

gym is better than sex

You really need to change your priorities dude.  Seriously!  There is no piece of equipment in the gym that even comes close to….well I think deep down inside you know. (more…)

Since blogging weekends are usually a pretty slow time around here, I figured why not do something different.  So just in case you ever wondered, “gee, what kind of music does he listen to?” you now have your answer.  Keep an eye out because further down the list there is a very funny video of Benny Hinn set to a modern rock band that might have you laughing hysterically.

American Idol finalist Jon Peter Lewis, “Break the Silence”


There is a right way to do it, then there is this guy’s way.  Trust me, it is worth clicking on the read more button. (more…)