Need Help: What is the Deal with This?

Posted: May 31, 2008 in blogging
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Okay, so what is up with this.  I stumbled across a link on my Dashboard to a site that trackbacked to me.  I found this blog.  The blog basically reproduces word for word and picture for picture my last several posts.  Anyone ever encountered this before?

  1. scaryreasoner says:

    Scumbags write computer programs to slurp up blog postings, and post what they slurp ion their own site, then they try to profit from ad revunue that comes from people finding their copy of your (and other peoples) blogs by search engines.

    Ad revenue + scumbags == the cause of this.

  2. AndrewE says:

    Yep, it’s pretty common I’m afraid.

    Send an email to google complaining and they might get their adsense banned but odds are nothing will happen as it’s too common.

  3. Neil says:

    Yep. Lots of your sp*m links in the WordPress filter will have these.

  4. Teresa says:

    My techie husband says that unless you have enough revenue from your blog to hire a lawyer and go after them, theres not a lot ou can do. 😦

    I wonder…though…if they are stealing from a LOT of people you could maybe track down all of the people they steal from and do a class-action lawsuit.

    It might be too communist for you…but it’s the only thing i can think of right now.

  5. Thanks all who commented, I figured as much.

    BTW Teresa I don’t see anything “communist” about class action law suits. I have nothing against community/communal activity, as long as said activity is voluntary. 😉

    ALSO, welcome back. Be sure to look around as I’ve posted a lot of photos and such since your last visit.

  6. Teresa says:


    I have followed the other posts, just too busy to comment generally…

    I got the impression that class-action suits were generally seen as anti-capitalist in Libertarian circles, adn frowned upon. But I’m still trying to figure it out. Thanks for the info.

    I just wanted you to know I wasnt trying to be offensive by makeing the suggestion if you were philosophically opposed.

  7. No offense taken. I know there are some libertarians who have a problem with it- after all it does often marry the interests of the business in limiting law suits and the plaintiff’s bar in being able to lump together 1,000,000 $2 claims to create a huge award (like the Blockbuster video overdue charges case).

    I think they have lots of problems, but no ideological problem with them- only pragmatic ones.

  8. John says:

    Thanks for posting on this subject, John. I have been wondering about it for sometime. How could it be legal? It certainly isn’t ethical. Further, what do the ‘skimmers’ get out of it?

  9. “How could it be legal?”

    It is most likely one of those things that is not legal, but the cost of going after the criminal is so great and the perpetrator so hard to find that it isn’t worth even trying.

    “It certainly isn’t ethical. Further, what do the ’skimmers’ get out of it?”

    I assume they get add revenue based on clicks to their site and even more revenue if you click on the AdSense links on their fake blog.

  10. Author says:

    I’ve had this happen too. It puzzled me – I don’t understand what they gain. It’s strange.

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