Daddy’s Little Princess…

Posted: May 29, 2008 in attitude, cute, faith, family, home, Inspiration, life, Me, my life
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Seriously, do they get more adorable than this?

She is the best inspiration I could ever have to accomplish anything,

I dedicated my thesis to her and will do so with everything I publish for the rest of my days on this Earth.


A Simple Poem for my Little Princess

I take so much joy in her laughter, both loud and deep,

so much pride in her accomplishments (momentous, mundane, and in between).

She makes me so anxious with her boundless energy

which too often brings her dangerously close to injury.

She makes me frustrated with an endless string of “I can do it!”s –

a fierce independence that reminds me of myself quite a bit,

while simultaneously pushing my patience’s outer limits.

She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself no matter how large the adversary,

and everyday she is doing things she couldn’t do just a few months ago that amaze me-

from turning on and off light switches that used to be out of reach,

to using the potty without her special seat.

And while she is so proud of her princess dresses and her pony collection,

her pictures, her paintings, and her “little treasures,”

still, she can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of affection

that resides in the depths of her father’s heart.

She doesn’t yet know that each wink, kiss, smile, and laugh is daddy’s own “little treasure.”

  1. She is a cutie. 🙂

  2. Neil says:

    How beautiful! I’m so glad to see you soaking it all in.

  3. Stiletto says:

    That girl is going to be so spoiled! But congratulations, you’ve instilled in her a sense of worth and set the groundwork for what type of man she will give her love and life to. She is a lucky girl to have a dedicated father such as yourself!

  4. Thanks Stiletto. I just hope she grows up to be a lot like her amazing mother- my wife. 😉

  5. Jenni Catron says:

    The shoes are the best – she’s adorable!

  6. territerri says:

    It’s so good to see a dad cherishing these moments with his little girl. The years go by WAY too fast.

  7. Jungle Mom says:

    She is truly adorable. However, my two grand daughters are here visiting so… she does have competition!

  8. Sidharth says:

    She is angelic! I’d dedicate my thesis to her too [if I had one] 😉

    Is that you in that pic, John? You don’t look all that fat there.

    I was going through some of my very old posts and I came across your comment, clicked on it and here I am. 😉

    Be Blessed


  9. Yup, Sidharth, that is me in the picture.

    “You don’t look all that fat there.”

    Well the picture was taken several weeks ago. I am no longer obese, but just overweight now. 😉 So hopefully I don’t look fat in any of my pictures.

    Be sure to check out our introduction book, link below

  10. Alex11 says:

    Although I am fully convinced of the truth of the views given in this volume, I by no means expect to convince experienced naturalists whose minds are stocked with a multitude of facts all viewed, during a long course of years, from a point of view directly opposite to mine. ,

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