Well here are my original before and after photos. The picture on the left (your left) was taken back in February of 2007 when I was 205 lbs and my waist measured 42 inches around. The picture on the right was taken on June 6th of 2007 when I weighed in at 169.2 lbs and my waist measured 34 1/2 inches.

Well how am I doing about a year later? Well I stayed around 169 from June through December. But the holidays hit and I returned to my poor eating habits. I ignored my own advice and spiraled a bit down into a funk, ate more unhealthy food, and exercised much less discipline over my food and exercise choices. My only saving grace was that I never stopped going to the gym three days a week and lifting heavy weights with a high level of intensity.

So here is what I look like now.

As you can see from the above photo I’ve added some of the weight back on. As of today (May 27th, 2008) I weigh about 184 lbs and my waist measures approximately 36 1/2 inches. Despite the 2 inches that have returned to my waist line, my blood pressure is better today (112/61), my resting heart rate has improved (64 bpm) and I’ve added an inch or more of muscle mass to shoulders and chest, and half and inch to my arms and legs.

For those who want the best possible comparison I’ve also included all three cropped photos showing torso only.  First, February 2007:

Now June, 2007

And last, my current (May 27th, 2008) photo:

What do you think? Major regression or just a bump in the road?

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  3. AndrewE says:

    I think you are doing ok actually.

  4. Deborah says:

    That is cool TOTAL T…I can’t wait till I have enough gumption to post an after picture!!! Thanks for the inspiration…. 🙂

  5. Thanks Deborah. That means a lot. Best of wishes in your fitness journey. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.

  6. Well, I will spare readers either before or after pictures, so ditto to Deborah.

    Health is important. Low blood pressure and cholesterol are good things. 🙂 After all, you’ll have to have the energy to dance with your daughter at her wedding, right?

    It looks like you’ve lost some of the “drawn” look (can’t explain any better) and replaced it with muscle and (good?) fat. Now, I’m obviously not the expert, but the middle photos do have a bit of the look of having lost a lot of weight and kind of needing nutrition.

  7. Stiletto says:

    Your stomach looks more muscular in the last photo and the last two photos are a far improvement from the before picture.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks Stiletto. I was hoping someone would notice that my lats are wider (so are my shoulders). 😉

  9. Stiletto says:

    You are right. Your lats are wider. Usually I’m better at spotting stuff like that. I knew something was different and I pinpointed your stomach.

    Your pecs are fuller, too, right?

  10. Aunt Pat says:

    I think you’re doing just fine.

  11. Stiletto says:

    If a man’s pecs are fuller, does that mean that his boobs are bigger?

  12. Only if they are full of fat. Not if they are full of muscle. 😉

  13. athleticmusclebuilding says:

    Nice work!

    Looks like you need to start hitting the weights hard to add some muscle ot your frame and speed up your metabolism.

    Train Hard,
    Tony Schwartz
    Athletic Muscle Building

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