So busy in fact that I couldn’t fit all my activities and nutritional info on to one excel sheet.  That is why you get three separate GIF files for your viewing pleasure.  Plus, if you click the read more option below, you’ll get a tease about tomorrow’s post- a post I REALLY DON’T want to write or leave up as public record.

Back to the Excel files.  The first GIF showcases today’s activities and basic meal information. As usual (at least for the last week) the day started out with some Wii Fit yoga and boxing.  Around the middle of the day I took the opportunity to lay out the slip and slide and enjoy time with my daughter and wife- and later suffer from a raging sun burn- for over an hour.  Later I took some time to throw in a complete resistance workout using an old set of PowerBlock dumbbells.   Also, I’m not even counting the 50 or so times I had to throw my daughter over my head, run around with her on my shoulders, etc.  I would rank today as a high activity day.

The second GIF is the top half of a more in depth analysis of caloric intake throughout the day.  I HATE CALORIES COUNTING!  However, it should be done from time to time (Once every couple of months) to make sure you are on the right track- especially to be certain that you aren’t under of overestimating your caloric intake. I stayed pretty close to my goal of falling between a 60/20/20 and 70/15/15 carbs/protein/fat intake ratio.

Part 2 includes the totals for the day.  My totals (carbs, protein, and fats) were pretty much on target and in line with my expectations.  My total caloric intake for the day was 2,138 calories.  According to the basal metabolic rate calculator over at Discovery Health is 1,888.  Now beyond the basal rate, the recommended caloric intake for a man my height and age at an ORDINARY activity level is around 2,384 calories.  As you saw from my activity chart above, my activity level is anything but ordinary.  So my caloric deficit for today probably falls between 200 and 600 calories.  I am content with that.

Come back tomorrow to see some (disappointing) pictures of me.  Trust me, it will be tough for me to post them since I have added back on some pounds and their posting brings me a good bit of shame.

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