Well, I’ve now had two days with my Wii Fit and I can say that our relationship is off to a great start!

After you do the basic technical stuff to set up the platform (pictured below), Wii Fit guides you through a fitness assessment.

Guess what?! Your Wii Fit assessment will be used to track your goals for as long as you desire; the selectable goals range from two weeks to one year. The downside, the Wii fit (partially) uses BMI to gauge your relative health. But since the Wii also weighs you, just go ahead and ignore the BMI and go by your weight- and remember what I say about weight, it is only one indicator of your relative fitness and health. So with those limitations in mind, the Wii Fit still allows you an excellent way to track your progress since it acts as a scale, BMI calculator, and weight loss calculation/graphing tool.

It gets even better. The Wii Fit also adds an excellent and hard to find tool to your personal arsenal of health related tools: it tests your posture. The Wii Fit has several games to test your posture and balance. As all of you know, bad posture can all too easily and quickly lead to lower back pain. This tool alone is worth most of the Wii Fit’s $89 price tag. My posture was way off- which isn’t surprising since my spine has all kind of freaky curves.

Well now that the Wii has assessed your height, weight, BMI, and balance, it gives you a Wii Fit age. My first go around my Wii Fit age was 41. With all the aforementioned diagnostic tools in the back of your mind you now get to choose you personal trainer. Your choice is between a generic male personal training and a generic female personal trainer. Your personal trainers will guide you through your choice of yoga and strength training exercises. You pick the exercises one at a time and make up your own routine. As you go along you will build up points that allow you to unlock new features (new exercises, games, etc.) AND the Wii will recommend exercise combinations for you to try. It recommended I try out lunges and a yoga pose called the mountain pose(?)- boy that hurt. And be warned, all of these exercises make you pay close attention to your balance and posture.

The game also offers you aerobics workouts and balance games. The aerobics workouts are uber-neat, including the workout that has you running in place; the motion of your Wii remote (placed in your pocket) dictates the speed of your runner on the screen as he runs through an island populated by the various Miis on your system. There are also step aerobics options and hoola hooping to name a few. The balance games include head butting soccer balls, ski jumping, tight rope walking, and lots of other games I have yet to unlock.

I highly recommend the Wii Fit (and I am not being paid a dime to say this). The price tag of $89 bucks is well worth it. Between the way its balance system will help you focus on and rethink proper posture throughout numerous strength training exercises and the way it adds a sense of joy to the average workout you get your moneys worth. About the only thing you will have to worry about is over-training, since you might be reluctant to step away from the Wii Fit board.

  1. Neil says:

    Thanks for the tips. That sounds like a potentially revolutionary device.

  2. Jungle Mom says:

    I have been considering taking one of these to Paraguay since it will fit in a suitcase and other exercise equipment will not!
    however, I have had two lower back surgeries and am concerned if this will hinder my use of the Wii. Do you have any insight on that you might share?

  3. As always I would ask a doctor. Maybe the Wii fit website says something? I’ve suffered from lower back pain for a long time and I’ve yet to have any problems with the WF.

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  7. Jungle Mom says:

    I just got my Wii!!! very excited to try it!

  8. John says:

    Great post! This post has given me a lot to think about as well.

  9. bigal06 says:

    Stock’s running really low for Wii Fit in the UK. Use a Wii Fit In Stock checker to find it fast.


  10. Awesome post. I check the stock of wii fit here always.

  11. sloppy monkey says:

    Have a look at this site which has alarms and popups to let you know when new stock has arrived.

    All the major retailers checked every minute:


  12. Mike says:

    You forgot to add the most depressing part – which is that after it does the initial assesment it will actually alter your Mii (litle personal avatar that looks like you) and make it chubbier if need be. Mine now has a gut and waddles out for workouts. I could have cried.

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