The Playset is ALMOST Finished…

Posted: May 18, 2008 in challenge, construction, exercise equipment, experiment, family, life, Me, my life
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Well here it is…

Daddy and Sasha on the new swing set

…The swing set that I spent the last three days working on, cursing at, stewing over, and bringing all my macho bravado and daring to the task of assembling its 150+ pieces is ALMOST complete. With a few more hours work it will be done, bur for now it is complete enough for Sasha to use 90% of the swing set. And that is all that she cares about.

And if you are wondering whether she liked the new swing set or not, the next two pictures should answer that question.

Ah, the many perks of being a father.

  1. Neil says:

    That takes me back about 15 years – spending countless hours drilling extra 1″ holes with a 1/4″ drill because the manufacturer didn’t do it right the first time. But the kids absolutely loved it and it looked virtually identical to the one you built!

    Hope you all have countless hours of fun on it.

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