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Posted: May 14, 2008 in health, life, Me, my life
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I will post more on this later, but I had to share this one picture with all of you.

Sasha at the park

  1. Teresa says:


    It’s nice to see what you look like with your belly covered. 😉

  2. Thanks Teresa- I think. I love the picture, just wish my clothes weren’t so wrinkled. But by then I had spent almost all day in those clothes, plus 4 hours cramped in a car.

  3. Teresa says:


    Your daughter is adorable. You look younger with the wieght-loss.

    BTW, I have the announcement of my registration in the 3-day walk up on my website: http://www.anomalousdata.com

    I don’t put pictures of my kids up, but you can see a picture of my personal trainer: J-dogg.

  4. Your daughter is a cutie!

    She’s going to grow up to be an Obama supporter… you can just see it in her eyes… change we can all believe in. 😉

  5. My daughter does have one thing in common with Obama supporters Bridget. She believes that her Daddy has the power to turn regular horses into magical unicorns with the snap of his fingers even though she has never seen me accomplish such a miraculous event. Much like Obama’s supporters think he can somehow bring unity (despite having the most left leaning voting record in the entire Senate) and bring about “change we can believe in” (I am still not entirely sure what that means, but it might be something like how I change regular horses into unicorns- a pointy carrot and a party hat string) despite his lack of experience and anything resembling a well thought out policy on any issue.

    However, since my daughter is three years old her belief in my miraculous (although nonexistent) abilities in understandable. 😉

  6. Hee hee.

    You know I’m just teasing you. 🙂

  7. I know. Just got done reading Krauthammer’s excellent opinion pieces on Obama. You should check them out. Here are a couple links…

    Obama, The Platitude Salesman

    Obama’s Changing Moral Equivalence

    The “Distraction” of Obama’s Character

    Obama’s Speech Leaves a Few Question Marks


  8. Teresa says:

    Oh I don’t know, i’m an Obama supporter now that the field has narrowed…

    and the only magical ability I believe he has is the ability to not be Hillary or McCain. 🙂

  9. “now that the field has narrowed”

    The magical words. The people who I find hard to understand are those who supported him from the start. If he is the nominee, folks in political parties support their nominee. However, the people I don’t understand are those who voted for him in the primaries despite his lack of anything other than two significant messages…

    First, “I was against the war from the beginning.” Big whoop, back then you were simply an Illinois state legislator. He wasn’t in the same position as Hillary, an elected representative on the grand stage of national politics. Would be have been so courageous as to make his rather silly (especially now that he has changed his mind) stand to not wear the flag lapel pin on September 12th? I think he is standing on cheap courage. I was against the war back before it started as well, the point is, his opposition cost him nothing politically since Illinois legislator’s don’t vote on whether to go to war or not- they run Illinois.

    Second, most of everything else I have seen coming from him in speeches and interviews is a mixture of the old school talk about how oil companies and the rich are evil bogeymen combined with the hipped up vague platitudes of “change we can believe in” and calls for unity that are at the least disingenuous. I have yet to hear a rational argument from an Obama supporter about how a man with such committed left wing views plans on unifying left and right. There are serious political divides that can’t be unified.

    And if unity simply means that he will be more respectable and less divisive than G.W. Bush, well then isn’t he setting the bar low enough that ANY of the candidates could be considered a unifier in opposition to G.W. Bush?

  10. BTW, thanks Bridget for changing the direction of these comments from the cuteness of mu daughter to poltiics. HA!

  11. Teresa says:


    I can’t read the articles that you referanced, because they blocked me from viewing their sites after I said something critical of Michael Medved on my blog, and then I was able to go back later, and I said something critical about Ben Sapiro, and they blocked me again. I can’t access them!


    I wrote something about Obama in the news…


  12. ” I can’t access them!”

    No way. Well you can also access Krauthammer here


    Hopefully they haven’t banned you there? 😉

    Of those articles the specific links are…



  13. Teresa says:

    Thanks TT,

    I’ll take a look.

    When I went back and looked at my blog, it wasn’t Michael Medved that I criticized, it was John Stossle.

    Yeah, they blocked our IP. They didn’t ban me, exactly, as I never commented there directly, and so they did not block me from commenting. They actually blocked my IP address from viewing their sites, and even seeing what they wrote.

    I have a couple of conservative 20-something friends who will often copy-paste things that I ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO read, because they will save my soul and make me Republican.

    I point out that I’ve been reading voraciously and variously for about 35 years now, and if I havn’t read anything to make me Republican yet, I’m not likely to.


  14. Stiletto says:

    Adorable picture! BTW, TT, I must confess, I am liking the facial hair!

  15. Thanks Stiletto. I must admit that before this summer started (two weeks ago) I resolved to not shave ALL summer. Two weeks into that resolution my face is itchy and hot. I think I will only last as long as my laziness outweighs my discomfort. I expect that to last about two more weeks.

  16. Teresa says:

    Don’t wait too long! Tan lines on the face are hilarious!

  17. Teresa says:

    Went to read the articles, saw the picture of the author, and…
    My first thought is: why does Monk hate Obama so much? 🙂

  18. “why does Monk hate Obama so much?”

    I never made that connection. I wouldn’t say it is that he hates Obama, as much as he is sick of the worship that he inspires in many of his devotees. To Krauthammer many Obama supporters express a level of commitment and belief in him that is almost cult-like. While there are certainly reasonable and intelligent people who support him, I must agree that when I’ve been attacked via blog or surprised on campus, it hasn’t been by McCain or Hillary supporters. When I’ve written things about John Kerry, Bill Clinton, or Bill O’Reilly I’ve never recieved the same kind of instinctual and vitriolic hate that eminates from the Obama supporters I’ve encountered online and in person. Many of them feel that Obama is so great and so special that to attack him is to display your own bad character for daring to dislike their patron saint (the “their” refers to many Obama supporters).

    BTW incase you haven’t seen it, check out this Obama related clip off Youtube….


  19. Teresa says:

    LOL! Uh….I didn’t prep for THIS question.

    Chris Mattews is really good at catching people unprepared:


    the criticism I love is the one in the clip above where the rivhty-guy is implying that “talking” is appeasement, and that people should not talk to their enemies…when the greatest criticism that I’ve heard from the right is the he can’t bring “unity”.

    He can’t bring unity! He’s an appeasrer who will talk to people he has disagreements with!

  20. I’ve seen that clip. I’ve even seen Chris Matthews talking about this particular clip on another news show. In addition, I just got done teaching a course on WWII that included a good deal about the build up to WWII. Matthews is indeed correct, the problem with talking with Hitler wasn’t the act of talking with Hitler. The problem was that the allied powers lacked the collective will to stop him until it was far too late (i.e. post Poland). Indeed, Hitler was surprised that they responded militarily to Poland and (based on their past actions) had expected no military reaction. There is even a school of historians who see Hitler as a pragmatist who could have been contained had England and France taken a hard line stance against German expansion much earlier.

    So yes, talking isn’t bad, it is talking without the actual will or ability to do anything should talks fail that is the problem. Does Barrack have the will to go to war with Iran if they invade or nuke Israel? Can he credibly threaten military intervention in Iran, North Korea, etc. should it become necessary when much of his campaign has been based on calls for withdrawal from Iraq? And think of this not from a western perspective, but from the perspective of someone like the President of Iran. Is he more likely to see withdrawal from Iraq as a smart and rational idea or as a defeat that shows the weakness of the U.S. and an opportunity for the exertion of Iranian hegemony in the Middle East?

    Perhaps that is why I am now in the McCain camp despite my initial opposition to the Iraq war.

  21. Teresa says:


    Unfortunatly, I don’t see any of the proposed alternatives regarding Iraq making us look anything other than weak.

    Leaving might make us look weak.

    Staying and continuing to have the problem in various stages of out-of-control will make us look weak, cost us a lot of money, and end many thousands of more lives.

    I don’t think the next president (whoever he is) is going to be able to make a “good” decision on Iraq.

    Way back when, I would have taken the McCain over Obama…but that was before he failed to defend his family from dishonorable slander, and then went and licked the boots of the slanderers.

    If ha can’t stand up to a few Bush supporters on behalf of his daughter and his wife…I don’t see him doing anything for the country.

    That said, McCain has done many tremendous and honorable things for his country, I an respectful of and thankful for his extraordinary service.

  22. Teresa says:

    And leave it to Bridget ton be a big trouble -maker and cause us to have this discussion in the first place..


  23. Well if she had just maintained her blog in the first place we could have avoided this. 😉

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