Making My Own Fitness Equipment…

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Exercise, experiment, fat blogging, fitness, health, home, weight, weight lifting, Weight loss
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I was going through the fitness goodies available on and came across this gem:

Cone Hurdles

As soon as I saw this piece of equipment I thought, “now there is something I can copy cheaply and easily.”  How?  Well, wait until you see my next post after I go to home depot.  Let’s just say that a few ornamental bricks and a two cylindrical pieces of wood should do the trick.  Presto, I have my own plyometric jumping cones.

  1. Teresa says:

    grin. It looks like a Chinese jumprope for people who don’t have friends. 🙂

    geeze, it’s been ages since I thought about Chinese jumpropes…but they were really good exercise…we just didn’t notice at the time ’cause we were kids and could do stuff like that for hours and hours and have fun and not get tired.

    I wonder whatever happened to those things…kids nowdays don’t play with them.

  2. I am so clueless right now..

  3. Teresa says:

    The Chinese jumproap is a rope tied into a loop. You get two people to put the loop around their ankles and stand with their feet about a foot and a half to two feet apart.

    A third person is in the middle, and they follow a pattern of jumping – determined ahead of time – that combines several possibilities.

    1) both feet on the outside of both lines
    2) both feet inside of both lines
    3) one foot on each side of one line
    4) one foot on each side of the other line.

    If you have a fancy stretchy rope, you can also do a move called “scissors”. where you jump with both feet on the outsides of the lines, and then “cross” your feet, creating a zig-zag pattern.

    After the pattern is completed, the rope holders raise the rope up their legs, to make it higher and the pattern is repeated…until the jumper misses. Then it rotates to one of the holders.

  4. Keira H says:

    Great post. Waiting for some more excellent article.

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