Exam Update: The Sweet Taste of Success…

Posted: May 7, 2008 in life, Me, my life
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Grade: A

The stress is gone.  Now I can begin acting like it is summer break.  That is, after I finish grading exams.

  1. Neil says:



    May I shamelessly self-promote away? 3.821 this semester! 🙂

  3. Neil says:

    Wow – 3.821 in law school? Very nice!

  4. Bridget, way to come here and try to outshine me. HA! Congratulations.

  5. Randy says:


  6. Teresa says:


    Congratulations! that’s a feat.


    Congrats to you too. “A” is always a nice letter to see. 🙂

  7. You know the funny thing though, the professor replied to my email and told me something to the effect of, “you got an A, it was the second best essay” in the class. (paraphrasing here). My first thought wasn”t “AWESOME, an A!” Nope, my first thought was, “SECOND BEST???!!! Who did better than me?”

    HA! I have got to stop being so competitive.

  8. Thank you, thank you. 🙂

    TT – it’s shared glory – because libertarian bloggers are just so brilliant. 🙂 That GPA eeked me over the line for Latin honours, so I’m very happy right now.

  9. Well you earned it Bridget. Enjoy it. Dern PhD program expects us all to earn 4.0s, so we don’t get on stinkin’ Latin honors of any kind.

    Well I am off to get some rest since I am taking my daughter to the zoo tomorrow. Pray for me, I will need the strength and energy.

  10. Thank you. 🙂

    How do they expect 4.0s from everyone? Doesn’t that just mean that professors won’t want to give you A- s for fear of kicking you out? Sheesh.

    Pray for you? How does one do that?

  11. Well you can get A- and even a B+ or two. However, it is pretty much expected that you should be doing A work at the Ph.D. level.

    BTW what was your lowest grade in law school? Mine was a C+ in labor law. I totally misread the question.

  12. Well, some of the reason I’m proud of my cum laude is because one of my professors (who is known for throwing the papers down the stairs) hit me up with a C+. It took my class rank down 15 percentage points. Oddly, the Queen of Swords and I had pretty much the same answers, but she pulled through with a B. It was beyond arbitrary… I was furious because it’s not like my class rank comes with an asterisk, saying, “She did well, but this guy is random;” however, I couldn’t take it too personally, since he gave Cs to Law Review all-stars.

    After that, I went into 2L year with the expectation that the best way to explain that grade was to make it look like the anomoly that it is. I kicked through the next semester with a 3.7something, in the top 10% of my class. As my dad said, I needed a steal and a three-pointer to get back in the game. 🙂

    I got two Bs, and everything else was B+ or higher.

  13. Neil says:

    That prof reminds me of a guy I had for Stats II. It was the only class my girlfriend (now wife) took together. He liked her. He didn’t like me. On one multiple choice test I had an 80 and she had a 60 (it was a tough test). But he looked at my chicken-scratch work on the back (not part of the test) and took points off because I allegedly got the right answers the wrong way. He did the opposite for her and improved her grade. For me, he was exhibit A against tenure.

  14. Neil says:

    P.S. Not that I’m bitter or anything 😉

  15. I bet she is just prettier than you Neil…HA!

  16. Neil says:

    Ha! Uh, just a little bit.

  17. Seriously. What’s with that? One would think that multiple-choice exams are about as unbiased as you can get.

    I think that the profs here have limited leeway to adjust grades upwards or downwards; all grading is done blind, and the profs turn in the grades and exam numbers, then get them back with names attached. Usually, you improve a grade for class participation and knock it down for attendance (or lack thereof); even a five-point swing is considered to be high. I like the blind grading aspect.

  18. Stiletto says:

    Excellent! Congrats!

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