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Okay, so what is up with this.  I stumbled across a link on my Dashboard to a site that trackbacked to me.  I found this blog.  The blog basically reproduces word for word and picture for picture my last several posts.  Anyone ever encountered this before?

For the full story with somewhat witty commentary click here.

Seriously, do they get more adorable than this?

She is the best inspiration I could ever have to accomplish anything,

I dedicated my thesis to her and will do so with everything I publish for the rest of my days on this Earth.


A Simple Poem for my Little Princess

I take so much joy in her laughter, both loud and deep, (more…)

Well here are my original before and after photos. The picture on the left (your left) was taken back in February of 2007 when I was 205 lbs and my waist measured 42 inches around. The picture on the right was taken on June 6th of 2007 when I weighed in at 169.2 lbs and my waist measured 34 1/2 inches.

Well how am I doing about a year later? (more…)

So busy in fact that I couldn’t fit all my activities and nutritional info on to one excel sheet.  That is why you get three separate GIF files for your viewing pleasure.  Plus, if you click the read more option below, you’ll get a tease about tomorrow’s post- a post I REALLY DON’T want to write or leave up as public record.

Back to the Excel files.  The first GIF showcases today’s activities and basic meal information. As usual (at least for the last week) the day started out with some Wii Fit yoga and boxing.  Around the middle of the day I took the opportunity to lay out the slip and slide and enjoy time with my daughter and wife- and later suffer from a raging sun burn- for over an hour.  Later I took some time to throw in a complete resistance workout using an old set of PowerBlock dumbbells.   Also, I’m not even counting the 50 or so times I had to throw my daughter over my head, run around with her on my shoulders, etc.  I would rank today as a high activity day.

The second GIF is the top half of a more in depth analysis of caloric intake throughout the day.  (more…)

Here is the pictorial record of a long, wonderful, sunny Saturday.

Nothing beats a nice slippery slide on a sunny Saturday…. (more…)

I wanted to make it more detailed, but I can always go back an edit it later. Drop by, check it out, and leave a comment- I am curious what you think. Also, give it a shot. This is the ways I worked my way up to doing handstand push-ups. A few weeks ago at the beach I was able to knock out 7 of them- it was tough in the sand, but it felt really good.

Click here to check out the WikiHow on how to build up the strength to do a handstand push-up