Plans: The Next Couple Weeks…

Posted: April 29, 2008 in fitness, life, plans, weight, Weight loss
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With final projects due next week, my blogging will be pretty limited for the next week or so.  You can expect several fitness related video postings over the course of this week, but not much more.  After finals are over I will be putting up some new content.  The first post back will list (and probably include pictures of) over 2 dozen exercises you can do at your local park.  You can’t be a full workout that is entirely free!  Well maybe not entirely free, but heck since you have to pay taxes might as well take advantage of what they provide instead of throwing down $100s of dollars on a gym membership.

As always, best of wishes in your fitness endeavors, and keeping dropping by for more fitness info, personal stories, and entertainment.

  1. Teresa says:

    Good luck on the final projects!

    Our town has a really nice Community Center. Membership is about half that of the private gyms in the area .

    We recently expanded it, and now it is really nice, and acessible to the local assisted living apartments by bus.

    I used it before, when it was basically a tax-payer funded facility for the local rich hocky-dads association, and the fitness room was a small greasy-smelling room stuck in the corner of the second floor (but I could ride my bike there in a reasonable amount of time)…but now it’s much nicer and absolutely chock-full of healthy old people, and working folks can afford it.

    It’s next the the High school, so the district athletes can use it, and the fire-fighters and cops use it as well.

  2. Sounds nice. Wait till you see our local park. BTW, just a hint about the upcoming post. I will be using at least one if not two small children as weights/resistance. 😉

  3. Teresa says:

    Hey, when my kids were babies I did the same thing!

    I did squats, lunges, sholder presses various “woodcutter” type movements, etc.

    My 6′ + 15-year old is no longer much good for resistance training (that is…unless you mean training in overcoming resistance to homework).

    My ten-year-old is almost as tall as me, and over 100 LBS as well. 😦

    Sometimes when I go to Kung Fu, there are people who let me borrow their babies, though. LOL! 🙂

  4. AndrewE says:

    Good luck with the finals!

  5. Good luck. 🙂

    How about fitness exercises that you can do while studying? or reading? 🙂

  6. “How about fitness exercises that you can do while studying? or reading?”

    Only one I know about is kegels. HA!

  7. Teresa says:


    You could sit on a balance ball while studying, and do some of the foot-lifting and twisting exercises.

    I’d just like to add that the thought of TT doing kegels flashed into my head before I could stop it and I didn’t like it at all.

    Sheesh…what a way to end the day.

    I will soon post about my unfortunate (one might even say inauspicious here, with confidence that people will knwo what it means) run that I had today. very sad yet funny. Hopefully I will get it written tonight.

  8. Teresa,

    Thank you! 🙂 That is very useful advice. I might even take it.


    Take a page out of Teresa’s book. :p

  9. “Take a page out of Teresa’s book”

    What, take a fall during a run? No thank you ma’am.

  10. Teresa says:

    “What, take a fall during a run? No thank you ma’am.”

    Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it. 🙂

  11. I took an overloaded bar to the chest once when bench pressing 220lbs- back when I weight 135 lbs. It was not fun.

  12. Teresa says:

    ugh. That’s never fun.

    Similar thing happened to me…except my boyfriend a tthe time was supposed to be spotting me…but he was distracted by his wandering eye. 🙂

    How much did you thnk you were lifting?

  13. “How much did you think you were lifting?”

    At the time it was on my chest it might as well have been 1000 lbs. But I did know it was 220 lbs, and I had lifted 210 the day before. The jump was just too big for me at the time.

  14. Teresa says:

    Ah, I see…I thought you meant that there was more weight on the bar than you intended.

    Yeah, at that level, you can be in a position where ten pounds more than yesterday might as well be 100.


  15. Teresa says:

    Hey TT, sorry about the shift in topic on that post over at my blog. I’ve got a new commenter who “crossed the streams” between that post and another.

    Since most people who read my blog are people who know me, or have been reading for a long time, I don’t necessarily work that hard to maintain coherance between threads.

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