Posted: April 14, 2008 in fitness, health, illness, life, Me, sickness, weight
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Wouldn’t you know it, I get back up to running 35 minutes without stopping and BANG! I catch some kind of cold!  I am totally out of commission between my lungs feeling like someone rubbed them with sandpaper and the general malaise and lethargy that has hit me out of nowhere.  I am hoping (but not expecting) to be over this by Wednesday since it has been hanging over me since Saturday.  So no updates today.  Keep my health in your prayers.

  1. Israel says:

    sounds to me like your body is breaking down, or weakening way too often. it reminds me of a friend of mine that used to always work a lot. he was a workaholic and would get really sick when he was working intensely. his body would just give in.

    is this some thing you are doing? i know your schedule is crazy, 4 am wake up, etc.

  2. Hmm…Israel may be on to something there. Overdoing it a touch?

  3. I have considered (and am still considering) that. I am also thinking that I might have some allergies that I am unaware of since I really get hit with this kind of stuff around the change of seasons. I think I might drop some money on an allergist and get that test that identifies any allergies you might have.

    I indeed hope I am not overdoing it, since I really don’t have anything I can cut out of my schedule- short of dropping out of my Ph.D. program.

  4. Teresa says:


    A trip to the allergist/asthma specialist did me a world of good. If you have insurance and it won’t break you to go, I’d give it a try.

  5. says:

    I had a similar situation come last Thursday, I couldn’t stand long enough to use the rest room! Anything I hate came back up within an hour.

    It was the Flu and I was over it in 2 days with a prescription. Go to the doctors!!! It will get you out of bed and back on your feet in no time!
    HOpe you fell better

    John Fit

  6. Stiletto says:

    Rest, my friend, rest, and let your body recover.

  7. Thankfully, I think my resting is finally over. Thank God! I have been chomping at the bit to get back in the gym.

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