I was thinking about my goal of competing in Ninja Warrior, and came to a realization last weekend.  I realized that my workouts are still based on the same model I’ve used for years (i.e. heavy weights, low reps), and haven’t changed in any significant way to help me build a strength base tailored to Ninja Warrior.  I started changing that yesterday (Monday).

First of all I slowed down my movements considerably on my first set of each exercise.  Each movement was taken with deliberate speed of about 4 to 8 controlled seconds up and 6 -10 controlled seconds down.  Maintaining constant motion throughout without stopping.  The second (and final) set of each exercise was a static hold (the only exception was squats). I aimed for a 15 – 25 second hold in each exercise, with the exception of chin-ups where I held my body at the mid-point (arms bent at 90 degrees at the elbow) and held on for as long as I could.  Lastly, I performed the workout in supersets alternating between muscle groups (i.e. bench press and chin up, or squats and bent over rows).

The results?  Well, I left the gym feeling pretty energetic but could still feel how much I had put into the workout.  Furthermore, my next day soreness is negligible, which at least proves I didn’t over train.  I believe that next Friday I will do a similar workout to the one above, but thereafter I will alternate workouts between static and super slow workouts AND explosive fast paced workouts with lighter weights (I’ll explain that one next week).

  1. Teresa says:

    That’s a really good goal. fun, and focused on results and acheivments rather than measurements and appearances.

  2. Don’t get me wrong Teresa, if I end up with a 6-pack I won’t be upset. However, I refuse to make that a goal since there is a good chance that no matter how hard I just might not be able to achieve it. Plus, what good is a 6-pack for a 6-pack’s sake? If you ask me, none.

    Then again I am a married man who has no more need for such devices to attract women. 😉 Thus I am freed to focus on goals that are much more productive.

    BTW, have you ever watched Ninja Warrior Teresa?

  3. Teresa says:


    I have to confess, I’d never even heard of Ninja Warrior. The clip looked really fun. Thanks for introducing me to it. I should actually encourage my husband to watch it, because he could brush up on his Japanese while being entertained. 🙂

    A six-pack is all well and good, but in the martial arts the goals of ab training is core strength, protecting the vital organs, and the fact that strong abs make you able to make powerful moves faster and without a loss of balance.

    Of course, I have a six pack, myself…I just keep it in the back of the fridge, so to speak. 🙂

    40-year-old women with two kids to their credit rarely get to keep their pretty ab contures unless they happen to have the genes for it.

    unfortunatly, I have the physique you get when English peasents marry German peasants, and their descendants marry Norwegian peasants. 🙂

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