Fitness Assessment Results…

Posted: April 4, 2008 in blogging, breaking plateaus, cardio, cardiovascular training, challenge, change, Exercise, fitness, health

Well I paid ten bucks and got a fitness assessment at the on campus gym. I even got a pretty little color print out. Allow me the pleasure of sharing the good and not so good results with all of you:

  1. Overall rating: 47 (1 -100). Factors include Body-fat, BMI, RHR, Crunches, Push-ups, Sit&Flex.
  2. Weight and Body Composition: 184 lbs overall, 155.3lbs lean mass and 28.7lbs fat. Overall 15.6 from the caliper test. Ranked: Average, 52nd Percentile
  3. BMI: 27.97. Ranked: Well Below Average, 10th percentile.
  4. Resting Heart Rate: 76 BPM. Ranked: Below Average, 25th percentile.
  5. Crunches: 37 in 60 seconds. Ranked: Above Average, 66th percentile.
  6. Push-ups: 59 in 60 seconds. Ranked: Well Above Average, 90th Percentile.
  7. Sit & Reach:14 inches. Ranked: Average, 40th Percentile.
  1. Thanks brother. But in most of those categories there is PLENTY of room for improvement.

  2. Teresa says:

    Ratings like this are an excellent way to measure progress…but it is important to not to put too much weight on how far you are from the “ideal” results.

    Especially with BMI.

    A guy who pushes automobiles around for strength training is going to have more body mass than the average guy his height. Health profiles are a useful tool, but sometimes people put the wrong emphasis on them.

    ‘course, I’ve been told this is just a “fat chick” cop-out…but whatever. 🙂

    As your body fat percentage drops, I think you can worry less and less if your BMI doesn’t.

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