More Weird Search Terms…

Posted: April 3, 2008 in humor, joke, search terms
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christian pick up lines

Hey baby, wanna get saved?

30 miles a week sex

Is said intercourse taking place in a moving vehicle?

benoit murders dog

Umm, you do know he killed his wife and son too, right?

whoopi exercise

We’ll be having NONE of that here!  NONE!

gaining 18 lbs in two weeks

I think you are looking to move in the wrong direction buddy.

“i haven’t told you everything”

Well, go on…

sex change operations before and after p

I am tired of this search term linking to me…argghhhh!

+sexercise equipment

How do I say these. Um…most people come equipped with all they need.

rosie’s weight gain blog

HA! ‘Nuff said.

christian cards with proverbs of salomon

“As we swim up stream, so the days of our lives…” Something like that, right?

backs of fat guy

Multiple backs on one fat guy? Ewwwwww.

girls with guns suicide pics

Okay, that one is seriously disturbing.

  1. americandust says:

    people search for the damnest things…
    I’m off to search for “how long to cook Olsen Twins”

  2. ROFL.

    Hey, I got a few doozies the other day. I’ll post soon. 🙂 Unfortunately, I lack your ability to make humourous remarks.

  3. Bridget, I bet you could and would be way funnier than me. And I look forward to seeing those search terms- what will the weirdos think of next.

  4. Teresa says:

    That’s nothing. I get a couple hits per month off the search term “Wookie scrotums”

    I think my blog entry might be the #1 result for that search term still…groan.

    Watch what you write, it comes back on ya! 🙂

  5. “That’s nothing. I get a couple hits per month off the search term “Wookie scrotums””

    Thanks, now I’ll get visitors when people search for “Wookie scrotums.” HA!

  6. krkbaker says:

    Wow, these are something else. It’s amazing really what people search for. ‘girls with gun suicide pics’
    a little scary…

  7. Wookies have scrotums? Scroti? what is the plural of “wookie scrotum” anyway?

    [blink blink]

  8. There is no plural- like the word fish. Look to the verb! HA!

    “the fish swim”
    “the fish swims”


    “Yes, my purse is made from 100% pure wookie scrotum”

    Wait, where was I going with this?

  9. Teresa says:

    I believe the plural is “scrota”.

  10. Teresa says:

    Wait. How do I know this? 🙂

  11. ROFL.

    Um, TT, I thought you were a man’s man. I guess you are secure enough in your man’s manliness to carry a Wookie-scrotum purse….?

  12. “I guess you are secure enough in your man’s manliness to carry a Wookie-scrotum purse”

    You got a problem with a man carrying a murse (i.e. man purse)? You metrosexist!

  13. Babe… I’m pretty sure that wookie-scrotum purses are NOT part of the Metro look. When in doubt, check with the Queer Eye crew. I just can’t picture Carson carrying one about.

  14. I have a present for you!

    Sure, kangaroos aren’t wookies, but it’s still a scrotum purse, right?

  15. thescoundrel says:

    Some searches are funny but I also get some that make me wonder what were they thinking? I remember right after I did a post about a Miss White Trash contest that I read about, the searches became bizarre for quite some time. Others l read, I just do not WANT to know what they were thinking or searching for.

  16. Teresa says:

    Sorry TT,

    This is for Theo…

    I’ve been running into some weird stuff with your blog. The header comes up, as well as the “welcome” tab…and your blogroll, etc…but the rest of the page is blank. It’s weird.

  17. Teresa,

    I deleted it. Long story, and I should have emailed you (and others) to explain. I’ll get to that, but I have a paper due tomorrow, so explanations on Tuesday.

  18. I had the same question Teresa. I can’t wait to see Bridget’s email. I assumed it had something to do with the WordPress upgrade messing up her blog. I guess I was wrong.

  19. Teresa says:


    Glad to hear your OK. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    I shall await more news patiently … schoolwork comes first. 🙂

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