Some Goals for the Next 3 Months…

Posted: March 23, 2008 in fat, fitness, goal, goals, health, plans

Compete in a 5k race…and win it! Most likely this one– St. Mary Magdalene Monarch in Motion 5k. To keep track of my training check in on my new page “Couch to 5k Training.

Complete 100 sit-ups/100 push-ups consecutively and back to back…

Add two inches of flexibility to my stretching range…

280lb bench press on the biangular…

250lb free weight squat…

More to come

  1. Have you ever tried supplements to get to your goals? Such as whey protein? A great site with alot of information is . Supplements helped me get to my fitness goal.

  2. I use Protein, both whey and casein. I also use creatine. What have you used?

  3. I used whey protein and creatine. Due to my fast metabolism I used a weight gainer for awhile. It is whey protein but has added complex carbs to provide more calories.

    Gained 20 lbs of lean muscle mass in only a few months taking a weight gainer.

    Cytogainer is my favorite as it packs creatine in it too.

  4. I have the opposite problem, my metabolism is average at best if not a bit slow.

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