And the Winner is…

Posted: March 11, 2008 in fitness, friendly wager, weight, Weight Fat Loss, weight gain loss, weight lifting, Weight loss

John T. is the winner of the 12 week fitness wager with a drop in body fat percentage of 3.7%- and a drop of over 4 inches in his waist measurement.  Congrats to John.  I will contact each one of the competitors with John’s PayPal account address so we can all pay up. Hopefully John will give us all the chance to win our money back sometime in the future with another challenge.

I am already thinking about the next challenge, and I am thinking it should be more fitness centered.   How about a five measurement contest…

  1. Muscle growth in shoulders and biceps…
  2. Decrease in waist measurement…
  3. Best Hip to waist ratio… (tie breaker)
  4. Consecutive Push-ups…
  5. One-mile run…

NOTE: All of the above would be based on percentage improvement, not the absolute measurement.  That provides every the chance, no matter their current size, to compete and have a good chance of winning.

You guys have any ideas?

Also, I will post an update on all the competitors results soon- sometime this week- so stay tuned for more.

  1. John says:

    Wow John. Thanks!

    After seeing your pictures the other day, I thought for sure that you had me beat.

    I am looking forward to the moolah rolling in.

  2. rjtumble says:


    First, congrats John T, I’ll get you next time. 🙂

    John, I like the idea of doing something new. I’ve been checking around to find some suggestions along your “fitness centered” guidelines. Here are some ideas I gathered with the help of the people at

    EDT (Escalating Density Training) info here:

    Count how many can be done now, pick a future date, count how many can be done then. Best improvement wins

    One-arm pushups

    Pullups (or chinups, either should work)

    Choose a weight lifting exercise(s) and measure performance gains

    Beep test (or “Multistage fitness test”). Same idea as pistol, measure beginning and ending performance, best improvement wins.

    Tactical Strength Challenge:

    My personal favorite so far is the pistol and maybe making a hybrid EDT workout by combining a pistol with a chinup.
    Do an EDT session now to set a PR, then do it again in a set period of time (probably 2 months) and measure improvement. Best improvement wins.

  3. Thanks RJ. Let me look into those and I will get back to you in week. Anyone else have any ideas?

  4. Vilma says:

    Congrats John T! Just sent in my gift to you! 🙂

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