Obama Supporter Gets Owned on National Television Show…

Posted: February 21, 2008 in democratic presidential candidates, democrats, elections, entertainment, Politics
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The Question: “Name some of Senator Barack Obama’s legislative accomplishments?”

The Answer: [liberal paraphrase] Ah, um, A, Ummmm…..

  1. Neil says:

    Classic. I saw a similar video with a roomful of Obama supports (at least they had the excuse of not being actual politicians).

    I’m glad to see Hillary losing, but it is a little scary to see people flock to see this guy who says nothing of substance.

  2. Also, did you know Obama’s boogers are holy relics to his worshipers? See…


    I think they were cheering in hopes they could get close enough to snatch up one of his magical (but errant) pieces of nose gold. HA!

  3. Matthew says:

    wow… that is some serious pwnage (to use a bit of 133t sp3ak).

  4. LorMarie says:

    It was an embarrassment, a small one I’d say. But I notice all the political attacks against him backfire…why?

  5. missy says:

    Ah Obama. What can I say? I just did a post about him today myself. Its frightening how many people support him without knowing a single thing the man stands for, and frankly some of the things he stands for are horrible. People are choosing to be decieved, plain and simple. Its sad.

  6. Patrick says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, but darn is it funny. Obama supporters are told not to discuss any issues but rather give a testamony as to how they came to the campaign. Like it is some born-again evangelical testimony. It is a cult of personality.

  7. isaacme says:

    It’s so sad that the democratic race has come to who makes the best promises, not facts. Of Course these promises aren’t in anyway based on reality.

  8. Brandon says:

    i laughed, Hilary has experience and is doing things and knows how to get bills passed

    Yeah, she’s changing things for the negative and wants to abort our nations youth, and brainwash kids, and she’s even against VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES!!! well maybe that last one isn’t THAT bad, but still… she’s a lying harlot, and she’s gonna ride the ten headed beast.. i mean..

    she’s bunk

  9. Jay says:

    You know, Hillary doesn’t really have any “experience” either. That would be like Laura Bush running on her experience also. That’s why John McCain is going to trounce either one of them in the general election!!!

    I can’t help but smirk a bit when I think about John McCain making Obama stumble through answers about legislative experience (voting “present” doesn’t count!), national security, international diplomacy, partial-birth abortion, tax cuts, etc.

    Obama is flying under cover — but not for long.

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