Well, I find it almost impossible to achieve anything meaningful without a goal- or several. So here are some of my goals for weight loss, fitness, and strength. Feel free to steal them if they sound good to you.


5k run, followed by a 10k run

100 consecutive push-ups, followed by 150 consecutive push-ups

a dozen one-arm push-ups

A two finger handstand.

A one-arm chin-up (the real thing, not those wimpy grasping your wrist pull-ups)

Body Composition Goals

7% body-fat

Excellent Grade Hip to Waist Ratio

Cholesterol below 170 (HDL up 5 points, LDL down 40 points)

Weight: 159lbs

Waist: 29 inches

Arms: 15 1/2 inches


40 yard dash time improved by 10%

Ditto for my 60 and 100 yard dash

One Rep Max on Squats, Dead lifts, Shoulder Press, and Bench Press up by 40%

Increase in hang time from the bar by 150%

I’ll post my baselines for these assessments in the coming weeks.  Also, it is almost time for me to take my follow up cholesterol test.  I am looking forward to seeing how far I’ve come in the last two months.

  1. You’ve got some serious goals there John, WTG!

    It always helps me to write mine down on paper and post them on the wall. I have some on my white board but for me, it’s more helpful when I use paper. Actually, I need to write them out again, thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    All the best with achieving your dreams!

  2. rjtumble says:

    Hey, this is cool. I’ve already met two of your body composition goals. My biceps are right at 15 1/2 and my Cholesterol was around 155 at my last checkup.

    Of course, with a BF% a little, ahem, higher than 7% I guess that’s not too impressive. Oh yea, and I take lipitor…Crap back to the gym for me. 🙂

    My personal pushup goal is to be able to do ONE of these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhA4H417SvM

  3. alex says:

    these are all great goals to have! best you in accomplishing the lot of them. the push up one would be very impressive. I too am hoping to accomplish some goals of my own, can follow my progress at http://aitank.com

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