Tomorrow’s Workout: Running at 85%

Posted: February 15, 2008 in Exercise, fat loss, fitness, health
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I will be hitting the gym tomorrow, although I still haven’t returned to 100% yet. I am going to mix things up a bit with a high repetition, fast paced, interval workout. What will it include? Well, I will be making a lot of last minute decisions based on how I feel. But most likely there will be lots of push-ups, dips, sprints, abs exercises, and jumping rope.

Stay tuned to for more info…

  1. rjtumble says:

    Hi John,

    Glad you’re back in the swing of things. Isn’t it cool that being away from the gym bothers you? I remember, back when I got started, not wanting to go to the gym at all. Now it seems like a necessary part of the day.

    BTW, the workout you describe is REALLY taxing. My trainer had me do one the other day that had the sweat just pouring off:

    stationary bike, warm up for a couple minutes
    sprint as fast as possible 20 seconds
    normal speed 60 seconds
    repeat X 3

    20 body weight squats
    20 pushups
    20 bent over rows with a barbell

    no rest

    Back on the bike, start over, do the whole thing 3 times

    Do some ab work

    By the time you get to that third bike session, your “sprint” is more like a “slightly faster”. 🙂

  2. Tell me about it. I did 2 50 yard sprints in between several exercises (push-ups w/ medicine ball, lifts and slams

    BTW I call them lifts and slams but I bet they have an official name. How do you do them? You bend over, take the medicine ball with both hands between your legs and use explosive force to lift it out in front of you (arms straight) and over your head as your hips push forward. I call it “lifting” when I use explosive force on the upward motion, and slamming when I use explosive force on the downward motion. BTW I stole this one from the latest Rocky movie, but in the movie he uses a metal barrel. I also did weighted crunches and twists with the medicine ball [which was 15lbs by the way], dips, reverse crunches, and chin-ups.

    IT was a great workout. I’ll post on it later.

  3. Lady Rose says:

    Good to seeing you feeling better!

  4. isaacme says:

    Oh Gosh don’t use the gym for running. Get outside and jog. It’s WAY better.

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