Wouldn’t It be Cool If…

Posted: February 8, 2008 in democratic presidential candidates, democrats, Politics, republicans

I have decided to make some predictions for the next twenty years. Why? First, because I am still sick, so there isn’t much happening on the fitness front. Second, wouldn’t it be neat if by some weird chance I happened to get them all right? I sure think so.

So, without further adieu, here are my predictions…<drum roll please>

John McCain and Barrack Obama will win their respective nomination contests…

John McCain will choose Gov. Huckabee OR Fred Thompson as his running mate, while Obama will end up with a V.P. that will be be both unexpected and possibly quite shocking…[Hillary won’t play second fiddle, and Edwards would be superfluous, so expect someone TOTALLY UNEXPECTED]…

Expect to see Edwards be rewarded with an Attorney Generalship should Obama win…

Contrary to popular belief, and political rhetoric, the election of Obama (or Hillary) will lead to MORE U.S. troops being deployed in Iraq and elsewhere across the globe…

The next president will have the opportunity to replace two Supreme Court justices during his/her first term…

By the year 2015 the Dow will hit 17,000- possibly much more…

Within the next decade the Constitution will be amended. Why? I am not entirely sure, and since I don’t own a crystal ball I can’t tell you. My guess is it won’t have anything to do with the marriage amendment. Probably something out of left field.

Within the next two decades (let’s say by at the latest 2028) the “global warming/climate change” bandwagon will have fallen off the truck and we will either pretend the scare never existed or we will be worried about a cooling planet. [I hope WordPress stays in business long enough this post is still around then].

Now, to lean back in my chair, put my heels up on the desk, and just watch events unfold.

  1. Neil says:

    I hope your DOW prediction is way too low . . .

  2. You are right Neil, that should be revised up. However, I must stick by my predictions.

    Actually, I will be investing a good bit in stock once I pay off these Credit Card bills. With divestment from Israel being all the rage these days, I am thinking of basing my investment strategy around investing in companies that do business with Israel (pretty much any company targeted by the divestment crowd). That list includes Caterpillar, Motorola, Lockheed Martin, and several others.

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