Not that I am suggesting a wealthy and generous stranger anonymously purchase these items (although I certainly wouldn’t be adverse to such), but I figured I would post my most recent wish list of workout tools for 2008.

Item #1. BodyBag Sandbag.


Reinforced, double-stitched, and constructed from top grade heavy canvas these sand bags are built to last. Filled with pea gravel they will weigh about 110-125lbs, filled with sand they can top out at around 145lbs. Great for odd object lifting and building real strength. A perfect add-on for dead lifts, shouldering, and other lifts.

Price: $48.95; Link: K2 Fitness Solutions

Item #2. Strongman Log


This will be my sword in the stone. A 200lb behemoth of wood and metal that taunts me each day by its mere presence into worker harder and harder so that one day I might be able to heave it above my head confidently and easily. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

Price: $275; Link: Art of Strength Strong Man Log

Item #3. Car/Truck Pulling Harness

A harness that lets you pulls cars and or trucks- and I mean big trucks, like fire trucks and semis. Wicked awesome, eh?!

Price: $120; Link: APT Pro Gear

Item #4. Weighted Vest


After working so hard to drop all this weight, how about putting some weight back on?! Sounds like a good idea to me. Adding extra weight to your frame (this way) allows the body to burn more calories as all your major muscle groups attempt to compensate for the change. I have always wanted one of these.

Price: $200; Link: Xvest

Item #5. Medicine Ball Tree (W/ Medicine Balls)

No good home gym is complete without a solid collection of medicine balls. For everything from sit-ups to push-ups, these things come in awfully handy.

Price: $209; Link: MediBall Medicine Balls

Note: In case anyone is curious these items are listed in order of importance and ranked according to my level of desire for each. Hint, Hint.

Hat tip to Kat for bringing my attention to several of these items.

  1. 1godsgal says:

    WOOT….I just read about your being sick…praying for a speedy recovery….oooooo diet, exercise…very scary topics of conversations….time to go! LOL

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