car pushing
Well it was 20 degrees outside, but otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day. The car (a Pontiac Grand Am) weighed 3,168 lbs, and the parking lot I chose actually had a slight incline. I stretched a bit, placed my hands on the trunk of the car.

The first time out I pushed the car 50 yards across the parking lot. I pushed mostly with my legs the first time out, my arms extended but my elbows loose and unlocked. The second time I moved to the front of the car, and pushed it back to the starting point 50 yards away.

The third time I tried something a bit different. I started pushing the car with my arms extended, but as I pushed I let my hands come back toward my chest until my thumbs were touching my chest. At that point I planted my feet firmly and used only my chest and arms to press the car forward until my arms were fully extended. I repeated this several times across the lot.

Needless to say my body feels like it has been hit by a car. I think I managed to work every single muscle group in about twenty minutes. This workout was excellent, and I will be repeating it at least every other week.

  1. rjtumble says:

    Wow! Outstanding, I’ve got to try that. My only vehicle is a Chevy Avalanche but I bet I can borrow my Mothers Ford Focus and myself up to the big rig.

    Great job, what kind of progress are you going to look for? Moving the car farther than 50 yards at a time?
    Moving it back and forth more times per session?

    Keep it up, we’ll have to get you one of those harnesses they use in the world strongest man competition to pull fire trucks. 🙂

  2. “Great job, what kind of progress are you going to look for? Moving the car farther than 50 yards at a time?
    Moving it back and forth more times per session?”

    Good question. I am treating this like weight lifting, and I am already eyeing several cars so I can increase the weight every month or so.

    Short term I went for 3 separate pushes of 50 yards (this is a rough estimate). Next time I will go for 5 or 6 pushes over the same distance. And so on until I get a bigger car to push.

    This time the car was a Pontiac Grand Am, next month I will use a Chevy Lumina. After that, I’ll need to find someone with a bigger car.

  3. sansoucy says:

    That is amazing! That’s a mega-weight if I ever heard of one! Cool! 🙂

  4. BK says:

    You are one determine guy for sure. A lot of people are talking about lossing weight but not many actually get down to doing it or stopped what they do after some times when they don’t see the result. I am very sure you will achieve what you have set for yourself.

  5. Thanks BK, this is a lot of hard work. Living healthy isn’t easy, that’s for sure.

  6. Fat Man says:

    Hey John, you may wanna check out my latest post. It’s about car pushing.

  7. titus2woman says:

    We hafta push our van to the other side of the road every so often for street cleaning~time to get rid of it! LOL!

    On my about page is a pic of my darling and our youngest. He’s not a fan of sharing pics on the net, but that one it’s kinda hard to really see him, and babies change so much very quickly!

    It’s good checkin’ it~been a while! I’ve become a selfish blogger by getting what I need and gettin’ off. TIME is not my friend these days…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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