Archive for January 22, 2008

car pushing
Well it was 20 degrees outside, but otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day. The car (a Pontiac Grand Am) weighed 3,168 lbs, and the parking lot I chose actually had a slight incline. I stretched a bit, placed my hands on the trunk of the car.

The first time out I pushed the car 50 yards across the parking lot. I pushed mostly with my legs the first time out, my arms extended but my elbows loose and unlocked. The second time I moved to the front of the car, and pushed it back to the starting point 50 yards away.

The third time I tried something a bit different. I started pushing the car with my arms extended, but as I pushed I let my hands come back toward my chest until my thumbs were touching my chest. At that point I planted my feet firmly and used only my chest and arms to press the car forward until my arms were fully extended. I repeated this several times across the lot.

Needless to say my body feels like it has been hit by a car. I think I managed to work every single muscle group in about twenty minutes. This workout was excellent, and I will be repeating it at least every other week.