With twelve days down and about forty-five to go I am happy to report that my weight keeps sliding down (@ 174 currently) as my muscle measurements are increasing ever so slightly with each passing workout.  However, what I had thought was a spectacular scale keeps reporting odd occurrences in my body fat percentage.  Somehow it thinks that at 174 I have a .5% higher bod fat percentage than when I was 178.  Then it dawned on me, I was using the regular setting, and perhaps I should have been using the “athlete” setting.  I pushed the appropriate button, stepped on the scale, and the body fat percentage report read 20.1% (approximately 5% lower than on the regular setting).  This reading makes much more sens to me given my size, height, and other readings obtained through different means of analyzing body fat.

Since I am stubborn I will keep recording my measurements on the regular setting, but I will also begin recording my measurements on the athlete setting.   The geek in me is curious to see how they differ and graph them for my (and your) benefit.

Now on to my reports of today’s activities.  I performed 11 exercises (10 multi-joint, 1 single-joint)- all to failure.  I tried something new today by doing a one-legged leg press press (Since I am awful tired of stacking that thing with over 450lbs of weights) and instead used only 250lbs and one leg to move the load.   The movement felt great, it was challenging, and I cut my clean up (read, weight removal) time in half.  I did forced negatives on my leg presses, chin-ups, and dips that felt awesome (talk about a burn).

I also got back into dead lifting.   For those who don’t know, dead lifts done right are VERY hard, but they provide an excellent anabolic kick-start that is second only to the king of all exercises- squats.  One difference from my old dead lift method, I had to use dumbbells, since some dumbbells were already using the barbells for so long that I got frustrated.

In conclusion, here are my goals for the end of this week:

Weight: 172.9 Pounds

Body fat percentage: 23%

Waist: 34 Inches

  1. garyholdon says:

    as you are in day 12

    know this that body tends to lose wieght in a non linear way

    and to be more precise in a falling curve
    which means that you will lose alot in the beginning and as you come close to your ideal wieght with time the loss rate will be very slow

    you will lose so little with much effort but that only means that your body is adapting to its new size

    keep up the good work


  2. Fat Man says:

    good stuff. I have been having an awesome week too.

  3. breederx says:

    WOW! OMGosh! I haven’t checking into your blog for awhile and you have been busy!! How are you? I set my other blog to private but I am starting my public blog at http://sansoucy.wordpress.com Hope to see you on the web soon! 🙂 You are doing great by the way, congrats on the weight loss!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow……….you still need to be commended for your contintued faithfulness to your goals. I need to get a set of scales where you can just push a button and the body fat goes down.

    Last time I was in extended workout (10 yrs ago) my body fat went to 10.5%. Now………don’t ask…….steve

  5. Nice to see you are still coming around NSL. 10.5% isn’t bad, my lowest ever BF was about 6.5%. I had abs like you wouldn’t believe. Right now I would just be happy to lose the roll around my waist.

  6. […] HUGE drop in the inches & weight this week, so i’m pretty exited.  My workouts were brutal and i’m still feeling the affects of them as I write this. Here are are the weekly updates for my Friendly Fitness Wager: […]

  7. rjtumble says:

    Hi there,

    For one-leg presses, you might try an alternative that’s “fun”. Stand on a bench with one leg off to the side and do a one leg squat. This works very similar muscle group but you can start with no weight and work up to holding dumbbells as you need to. Nice way to do essentially the same exercise without having to load up the plates on the leg press machine.

    BTW, these are hard. 🙂

  8. Yeah, I’ve done one legged squats before. There usually isn’t a bench free for such in my gym. Plus, I usually do leg presses after I’ve already pre-exhausted my legs with good old fashioned squats.

    There is nothing that wakes you up in the morning like a fully loaded squat bar sitting on your shoulders as you squat down parallel with the ground and push up with all your strength.

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