Well it was a good week, but not a great week.  Most of that is my own fault.  I did little cardio and only weight trained two days during the week at much less than peak intensity.

However, my slacking last week won’t carry over to this week.  I’ve got two very intense workout session planned.  This mornings session was an all out full body workout that hit leg, chest, shoulders, and triceps to the point to total muscular failure in every set.  I am trying to decide between a similar workout on Friday or my first car-pushing day on Saturday.  I will probably save the car pushing for next week.

In addition, for cardio this week I plan on jumping a lot of rope, running intervals at least twice, and several long walks with my dog (or both dogs).

Lastly, my nutritional planning for this week is TIGHT!  Want an example?

[4:20 a.m.] Breakfast: 100% whole wheat bread with smoked turkey and baked ham, banana, 3 cups water w/ Creatine.

[7:20 a.m.] Snack 1 (post-workout):  1 Myoplex drink and 1/2 my crunchy flax seed cereal mix

[10:30 a.m.] Snack 2: Remainder of my crunchy flax seed cereal mix, w/ 2 cups water.

[12:35] Lunch: BBQ boneless chicken with garlic mashed potatoes, pistachios, w/ 2 cups water.

[2:30 p.m.] Snack 3: Pear and Orane w/ water.
[6:20p.m.] Dinner: Apple and Yogurt w/ water.

Dinner is a bit light since I am in class from 3:30 until 9:20.  Otherwise this is a pretty good indication of my nutritional habits for the rest of the week.

I am going to set the standard this week!  See if you guys can keep up with me.

  1. Vilma Perez says:

    My friend… I am with you! Last week was a disaster & I still managed to lose a wee bit. Clean eats & some awesome interval training & heavy weight training will do the trick for me (as well as you). I have 3 intense onces coming up with additional HIIT training & tennis matches scheduled.

  2. Steve v4.6 says:

    Excellent efforts! You’re doing a great job.

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