Week 1: Results

Posted: January 13, 2008 in results, weight, Weight Fat Loss, weight gain loss, Weight loss

My results for week 1 are as follows…

Weight: 175.2

Weight loss of 3 lbs

Body Fat: 26%

Body Fat Percentage drop of .10%

Waist: 36 inches

Loss of 1/2″ of fat roll around the ol’ waist

I hope my competitors are doing well!  I look forward to seeing their results come tomorrow.

  1. Neil says:

    Great results – especially for one week! Keep up the good work.

    Thanks again for the encouragement to do more multi-joint exercises. My “power day” routine is my favorite workout of the week and I’ve been increasing the weights every week.

    I set an all-time personal record for weighted dips yesterday, so the routine is paying off!

  2. That is great news Neil. Keep up the hard work. And if you are ver in my neck of the woods feel free to join me at the gym.

  3. John says:

    Good job, John!

    My Week 1 results are posted.

  4. 3 lbs in a week! That’s great progress! I’m eager to see what your opponents weigh in at.

  5. You ain’t seen nothing yet Thomas. Wait until the end of this week! (laughs diabolically).

    I have a lot more cardio slated for this week and much heavier weight lifting sessions (since I am now back to training at the gym).

  6. Fat Man says:

    you may have won the battle, but you will not win the war. >|

  7. Vilma Perez says:

    Great job on the scale loss! My week #1 results are posted as well.


    ~ Vilma

  8. Justin V says:

    Hey TT, that’s good man. Congrats on your success.. Reading this has got me stoked again about losing weight, I think I’m going to start posting m stats each week as well.

  9. rjtumble says:

    Hi John, I’m down 5 lbs. I haven’t measured myself, I think I’m going to hold off on that until the end of week 2 (my half way point for the velocity diet).

    My weight lifting day today was really intense. Sounds very similar to what you posted. I also haven’t done a great job on the cardio. I’m supposed to get a 30 minute walk in on the non-workout days (not supposed to do more than that because of the calorie restriction) but I’ve been slacking. No more of that crap. 🙂

    Here’s my workout from today. Did it in 30 minutes:
    warmup on bench press
    3 sets of:
    135lb bench press x 6 reps
    40lb dumb bell bent over row x 15
    Prisoner squats x 20

    1 minute rest

    3 sets of:
    pronated pull downs (hands facing you) on Hammer Strength machine x 15 (forget how much weight)
    40lb Dumb bell presses x 6
    hamstring curls on exercise ball x 10

    1 minute rest

    3 sets of:
    30 lb dumb bell tricep extension (like skull crusher) x 6
    20 lb dumb bell curl x 12 (each arm)
    10 lb deltoid raise x 15 (lay face down on inclined bench and lift like a reverse fly)

    1 minute rest

    3 sets of:
    10 V raises
    60 second plank
    back hyper extension x 10 (no weight)

    Go to the locker room, sit watching ESPN for 30 minutes and concentrate on not puking. 🙂

  10. Yeah, avoiding puking is definitely a good things. Congrats on the weight loss and what sounds like a good workout.

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  12. Neil says:

    What is a “prisoner squat?”

  13. Hands behind your head, squat down deep until your butt touches your heels and then jump up with all the force you can muster. Repeat about 10 to 12 times.

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